Is it a coincidence?

On Tuesday, we spotted the naked post in the station car park, shown in our first photograph. On Wednesday, we saw that it now served a purpose – and that three parked cars had acquired penalty notices on their windscreens.

Tuesday’s photograph

There are lots of older signs around the car park telling drivers to pay, and how to pay, so we don’t think the fact that there was a sign ‘missing’ on Tuesday could be the reason for three drivers not paying. Or are we wrong?

7 thoughts on “Is it a coincidence?

  1. Sorry, I may be dim – or showing my age – but if there is no pay machine how does one park without incurring a fine?

  2. Also wonder how many folks will stand and read all the terms & conditions before paying. Would take so long you might get a penalty for not paying !
    Also do they give you enough time to get to the machine at the front of the station and input the information and pay.

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