Pity the poor delivery driver!

This item needs a clear head and a sense of local geography!  Bear with us….

A couple of weeks ago we set a ‘quiz’.  To what does ‘6135’ refer to on this sign which you see if you turn into Knoll Road from the A30?P1060561bThe probability is that many drivers won’t realise until they’re well past the sign that it refers to Service Areas 6, 1, 3 and 5.  But, what we’re commenting on today is that, overall, the sign mentions every service area – 1 to 6 inclusive.  Which is a bit surprising, for the nearby sign on the A30 that points down Knoll Road doesn’t mention Areas 1, 3 or 5 at all (see photo immediately below).


Let’s overlook that omission.  Though drivers on the A30 trying to find their way to areas 1, 3 or 5 might be a little less forgiving.  Instead, let’s assume that those drivers have – perhaps by instinct – turned into Knoll Road regardless.  In which case, the sign in our first photo makes it clear that they should go straight on.  Which they do, presumably, until they reach Portesbery Road.  Where, hoping to learn the whereabouts of Areas 1, 3 or 5, they encounter this sign:


Unbelievably, it only mentions Area 6.  The poor souls looking for Area 1, 3 or 5 have to guess for the second time which way to go.

As we’ve said so often before, signs that don’t actually help are a waste of money.  That’s OUR MONEY.




More town centre flats – but no new parking places?

Back in December 2014 we wrote about the prospect of the Working Men’s Club in Obelisk Way being redeveloped.  Well, that prospect has come much closer, as an outline  planning application has now been submitted.P1110374b

There seems to be no alternative to complete demolition of the club and replacing it with flats.  The existing building has no historic value, and its current use apparently isn’t viable commercially..  So there are really only two issues:  firstly, is the proposed architecture  (which is only a concept at this stage) appropriate, and, secondly, is it acceptable that the new flats – sixteen in total – should have no dedicated parking spaces?  (The proposal is that the residents should use on-street permit-only parking.)


We don’t see anything to object to in the proposed design.  But the parking issue needs serious thought.  Is there a risk that parking spaces could be allocated ‘permanently’ in the service area opposite the club?  If so, would this impede the redevelopment of the London Road Block – the area between Obelisk Way and the A30?  That would be bad news.


Yet another silly sign…

We’ve been sent this photo taken in the theatre car park.  (Many thanks to the photographer.)

Knoll road car park sign

How long ago did the borough council install a ticket-less parking system?  Long enought to have changed this sign, for sure.

It realy doesn’t matter, does it?  We already know that the council doesn’t look at the town critically, to see what might be improved.  (Remember that sign still in Knoll Walk that points to the ‘Arts Link’ – a former name for the theatre that was phased out twenty five years ago.)

Well, yes it does matter.  Local people don’t need to be told how the car park works, or how to find their away about.  The signs are only there to help visitors.  But make things difficult for the visitors, and the visitors are less likely to return.  That’s less money they’ll spend in our shops and restaurants.  Which makes the council’s ambition to make Camberley a top 100 town even less achievable.  But perhaps not all parts of the council have bought into that dream?

Defying common sense?

We peered inside the front door of Bradley Court – the newly-converted office block on Knoll Road – the other day.  Just a few feet ahead is an illuminated sign showing the way to an emergency exit.P1060345b(Apologies, the photograph below is rather difficult to make out.  The foyer was dark, the day was sunny, and flash would simply have reflected off the glass door, obscuring everything.)


Anyway, the sign shows that – as you enter the building – the emergency exit is straight ahead.  But wouldn’t it make more sense to turn on your heel and just leave through the front door again??

‘Delighted’ Cargo premises

If you peered into the former Cargo shop in Park Street yesterday, you’d have seen the large ‘industrial’ light-fittings being removed (you can see some on the floor).  We think we’ve mentioned before that the shop is likely to be divided into two before it’s re-occupied.  Which interests us as, in recent years we’ve thought that the demand in town centres is for bigger retail units.  Which is why the Mall had to build an extension to accommodate TK Maxx.


More silly signage

Most people will have walked near  this silly signage, but probably not noticed it.  It’s in the road that runs next to the NatWest bank in Park Street.

P1060555b P1060557b P1060599b

The two yellow notices are within a few feet of each other; one prohibits parking completely, but the other only excludes it during the day – and it’s OK to park on Sundays.  (It’s almost impossible to see the wall-mounted sign in our more-distant photo, but it’s there, believe us.)  Then, the two yellow stripes on the kerb – which you can just about see – mean no loading, but, unless we’re much mistaken, the law requires that such stripes be accompanied by a nearby notice confirming the situation.  Which there isn’t!

Anyway, this is all pretty academic.  At least we think so.  No sensible driver would park or unload in such a narrow thoroughfare.  On the other hand, some drivers – not us, of course – aren’t sensible….

Atrium car park – work in progress

A little while ago we showed a photo of preparations to improve the Atrium car park’s exit barriers.  The safety barrier had been removed, and all that was left was its concrete mountings.

Well, those mountings have now disappeared, and new ones were in the process of being cast when we took this photo a couple of days ago.


(We’re a bit late posting today.  In the excitement of winning a prize in the Mayor’s Ball raffle, we forgot to click on ‘Publish’!)