Today’s quiz was really too easy…

The window that we showed – one with an advert for fitted kitchens – is, of course, at the top of the former Allders building.  We just flipped our photo horizontally.  (Sorry, the following photo could’ve been clearer.  The relevant window is the right-hand of the two large windows on the top floor, overlooking Obelisk Way.)


Signs that Schmidt Kitchens are on the way

A while ago we reported that we’d discovered that Schmidt – the kitchen supplier – would be moving into one of the ground floor units under the Travelodge.  Well, there’s no need for detective work any longer.  Illuminated signs naming the shop were being installed when we took this photo from the multi-storey car park last week.


Arena – a story as long as ‘The Archers’?

Almost exactly two years ago, we wrote the following text, which consists of quotations from borough council documents.  (We’ve added some minor details since then.)  So it’s time for a update – which we’ve provided at the end.


2006 borough council Corporate Plan, key priority: “Develop a replacement strategy for the Arena within the Camberley area by April 2008”.

April 2008: “At a meeting of the council’s executive last month, members considered a report that recommended the funding of a feasibility study into options available to the council for the future use of the civic area east of Knoll Road, in addition to delivering a replacement for the Arena Leisure Centre.”

End 2011: “A taskforce is to be assembled to look at all options for the future of the Arena Leisure Centre when the current contract runs out [in 2016]”

July 2014: “Options for the future of this facility are being investigated with an opportunity to redevelop the site into a state-of-the-art leisure centre, currently being explored. Surrey Heath Borough Council Executive will consider investment options to refurbish or redevelop the facility.”

Dec 2014 : “Strategic Objective: Renew the leisure centre.”


Minutes of Dec 2016 SHBC Executive Committee meeting:  “The Executive considered a report outlining a proposed process for the replacement of the Arena Leisure Centre and seeking approval for funding the process. The current Arena contract had been extended in March 2016 for a further three years and was therefore due to expire in March 2019.
“Members were informed that Condition Surveys undertaken by Hampshire County Council in 2012 had identified a need for £1.1m of structural, mechanical and engineering services work to be undertaken over the next ten years to maintain the Arena’s existing service offer. Mechanical plant was likely to need replacing in five years at an estimated cost of approximately £500,000.”

If the Eye is still alive, we’ll provide a further update in a couple of years or so.  We wonder what it will say….




Authenticated Memorabilia

It’s old news that Authenticated Memorabilia in the Mall would be closing last weekend.  What was less clear was when it would be re-opening in a different guise in Park Street.  Anyway, we took these two photos just a couple of days ago.  One shows the shop well and truly closed, and the second, taken of a notice that was stuck on the shop shutter a few hours later, giving the ‘official’ timescale.