No, we don’t know what this was all about

Late afternoon on Monday, on our way home from a dental appointment, we spotted a bit of activity on the A30 service road. A number of inspection covers had been lifted, and it seems that a cable of some sort was being pulled through an underground service duct. The only vehicle in attendance said ‘Road Maintenance’, which didn’t give us any further clue as to what exactly was happening.

We don’t imagine for a moment that we were looking at preparatory work for the London Road Block redevelopment. And it’s a bit too far from the Knoll Road/A30 junction to have any obvious connection with the new pedestrian crossing that’s going to be installed there. So, your guess is probably better than ours as to what was going on.

More about Crabtree Park

The other day we posted a photo of a lonely railing in Crabtree Park.  Steve has now added further information to our post;  you’ll find what he wrote here –

In addition, Peter has sent us some photos of the park. Here’s just a selection.  Peter aptly titled his e-mail ‘Civic Despondency’.  But, who’s to blame?  The council, obviously, for not maintaining the paths.  We know from first-hand experience that in wet weather the paths are very muddy and ‘impathable’ in places.  But clearly there are abusers of the park too.  There’s no easy answer to that, unfortunately.


More from yesteryear

You may remember that we’ve been looking back at old copies of the Camberley Society newsletter. Our latest reminiscing dates back to the January 2006 edition. We’ll spare you the photo showing our then-new MP planting a cherry tree (the picture also shows the Eye, so it mustn’t see the light of day…)

Instead, we’re reproducing an article from that edition about the public house that was demolished to make way for the Premier Inn.

At the beginning of 2007, as the pub was being demolished, the local paper – The Camberley News – told the same story again.

But the pub hasn’t QUITE disappeared into history. If you look at the bus stop sign on the A30, near where the pub used to be, you’ll see that it carries, in small letters, the name ‘The Staff’. Newcomers, if they notice it, must be puzzled by that.

This is not a bus stop

Near the top of Church Hill, looking towards the town centre, is this not-a-bus-stop. At least, it’s temporarily not a stop. The notice on it says that it’s out of action for a week from 13th January because of road works.

That’s unremarkable. Except that our photos were taken on 15th January, when the only apparent signs of road works were spray-painted symbols on the pavement. Still, scheduling ‘anything’ in the current circumstances must be difficult, so we’ll not be complaining to our county councillors quite yet!

We never speculate – but there are always exceptions

You may remember Pinehurst Resource Centre? It was a county council residential home – for elderly people – situated in Park Road. It closed – with many protests – in 2017 (at least, we think it was about then; a few other people lived there for a while). The site remains the property of the county council.

Photo taken from Google Streetview. The Eye is still ‘Staying at Home’.

Well, the county council has now applied for permission to completely demolish the buildings. Not part of the application, but background information, is that the intention is to construct a three-storey apartment block, plus car parking, for retirement-age residents. It’ll be a bit surprising if the county council does this itself – we expect that it will sell the site to another party.

And this is where we’ll speculate wildly. The site is next to the Park Road Surgery which, judging by the traffic congestion that sometimes occurs in the road outside, seems to have a shortage of parking space. Is this an opportunity for a bit of give and take – with the Health Centre able to expand into some of the Resource Centre’s site? Just a wild guess, of course.

More about parks

We wrote last month that we’d been wandering around Camberley’s parks rather more than we normally do (social distancing in a park is easier than in a town centre, of course). So today’s photo was taken in Crabtree Park.

No doubt there’s an extremely good reason why this metal railing stands all on its own, surrounded by grass. But for the life of us, we can’t think what it is. So, can someone put us out of our (modest) misery by telling us all about it?

Non-stop walk from Edinburgh to London

We suspect that Prof Chris Whitty wouldn’t approve of anyone walking from Edinburgh to London at the moment. But that’s what Dr Barbara Moore did in 1959….

‘Stay at home’ means that we’re not in the town centre very much these days. So we’re spending a bit of time digging through the newsletters of the local civic society which we used to chair. We’ve found an article about Dr Moore that was written in 2005 by the late June Nunn. As you can read from the photocopies below, Dr Moore was a one-time resident of Frimley.

Sadly, the quality of our pictures isn’t good. But in 2005 the society’s newsletter was crudely reproduced in black and white on cheap A4 paper. Technology has improved since!

You may wonder where Eastlea Court was. It was at the top of Westerdale Drive, to the south of Westmorland Drive and Winding Wood Drive and to the north of The Ridings. (Yes, we know that that’s outside the Camberley boundary, but it WAS the Camberley Society’s newsletter…)