Zero use plastics

The borough council recently “formalised its commitment to reducing single use plastics.”  (You can read about this in detail on the council’s website –

But there’s an obvious question.  Where does the council stand on reducing ZERO use plastics?  We have in mind the plastic flowers and foliage (we’re pretty sure that they’re plastic) that are suspended from the roof of Cambridge Square in The Square.  They’re attractive, of course, but they have no real use.  In that respect they’re worse than plastic drinking straws, since these do have a use, albeit a brief one.

We can’t get away from the fact that our councillors  – who formalised the ‘policy’ towards single use plastics – have no option but to oppose zero use plastics too.  We’ll watch to see how consistent they are.

Norwich House – on the move at last?

We’ve been under the firm impression for years that the owners of Norwich House – at the top of Knoll Road – are considering turning it into flats.  So, when we wandered behind the building the other day, and saw a couple of skips loaded with old office chairs, we wondered whether the building’s occupants were leaving at last, and disposing of their unwanted property.

We then noticed that the entry phone had been taped over…

To check, we walked round to the front of the building.  All was quiet, no company names on display in the foyer, and it appeared that the letter box had been blanked off.  Our suspicions are probably right….

You’re probably bored with the car park stairs

We had no intention of mentioning the car park stairs ever again.  That is, until we clambered to the top of the newly-painted stairs nearest Ashwood House yesterday, and discovered that there was no handle on the exit door.  What’s more, there was a barrier the other side of it.  So we had to go back down again.  We’re not sure what this achieved other than to make us very irritated.

Yet again, it was a case of a signed emergency exit being blocked off.  Though it’s hard to imagine a scenario where this would cause serious harm, the council wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it did.


Stair rejuvenation….

It’s only a matter of days since we pointed out that the borough council had missed its ‘end 2018’ target for refurbishing the stairs in Main Square car park.  But we ought to update the record by saying that the work IS underway, albeit a few months late.

We feel vaguely uneasy about an illuminated ’emergency exit’ sign over a blocked-off doorway.  Are the stairs themselves clear if needed urgently?

Is it Big Brother or is it security?

We said a few days ago that we’d be mentioning cameras again.  So here goes…. A new post has been installed in the High Street.  We reckon it’s for another police security camera.  Which raises a difficult question.  Should we welcome cameras that keep an eye on everyone and help keep us safe, or should we worry that they’re leading to a police state in which our every move is monitored?  Perhaps there’s no easy answer – until it’s too late??

Putting a building back into use…

Back last May we photographed this extension behind the care provider in the High Street. Yesterday, we photographed it again.  Here are the ‘before’ and ‘after results:

For quite a while the building looked rather unloved inside.  It also seemed to have suffered badly from vandalism with the end window being smashed – if we recall correctly – more than once.

The good news is that the extension looks as if it’s back in use.  The doors and windows have been replaced, and the interior appears to have been furnished.  It’s good to see growth rather than decline in the town centre, particularly at the present time.

Bells galore

Today is something rather different.  We’ve unashamedly ‘borrowed’ a photo from St Michael’s Church’s Facebook posting.  The picture was extracted from a video about the installation of a new set of bells; a sufficiently historic event to justify a little plagiarism.

As recompense, if you’re a Facebook user just click on the photo and you should – with luck, as we’re second-guessing Facebook here – see a video by St Michael’s showing the bell being lifted into position.  There are lots of other photos on St Michael’s Facebook ‘Place’ (Stmichaelscamberley) too.

Pleasingly, the name of the bell’s donor, and other personal information, is cast on the outside of the bell.  You’ll have to peer closely to read it, though.

Yes, we did wander around the church ourselves while the work was in progress.  But we made sure that we didn’t get in the way, so we only photographed the bellfounders van.  Not wildly exciting for most people!

Cameras, cameras, everywhere

It’s a bit embarrassing, but we can’t immediately remember who tipped us off about traffic monitoring near the level crossing (but many thanks to whoever it was).  Happily, the gates descended while we were driving there yesterday, so we leapt out of our car and rapidly photographed three cameras.  Under the circumstances, there was no time to worry about artistic merit, but we hope you can make out the cameras concerned.  They’re just lashed to permanent street fittings.

We’ll be saying a bit more about cameras in the town shortly.  And no doubt we’ll return to the large sign in one of our photos before too long.

One shop, three signs

We happen to have watched while, in the course of just a few years, the sign over the barbers in High Street has evolved.  The shiny – and difficult to read – sign was the first generation, but it was replaced last summer by a much more legible sign bearing the same name.

However, that didn’t last very long, and a much more magical name has appeared…..

It’s non-stop change in the High Street.  It really is.

A badly bent bin

As anyone who’s walked passed Pizza Express lately will know, the bin outside has been dealt what’s probably a mortal blow!  Our first photo was taken fairly soon after it happened:

Steve has provided a later photo.  He suggests that a driver was so confused by the nearbly sign that we showed recently that he drove his vehicle into the bin!

(Whoever taped up that bin did so with care.  We’re always impressed by the street cleaning personnel who work in the town centre.)