Ashwood House – signs of activity

Several people have reported seeing ‘something’ happening in the former BHS premises in Ashwood House.  It was all quiet there the other day, but the lights were on in the old Nokia offices also on the ground floor of the building.  This enables us to show a – less than exciting – photo of the foyer!p1070549b

At much the same time, a couple of surveyors were taking measurements outside the building.  We asked one of them why they were surveying there – though we pretty much knew what the answer would be.  We were right – they didn’t know the reason for their survey.  Indeed, we were told that, quite possibly, some of the measurements that they were making wouldn’t be used.  It seems a somewhat odd way of doing things?


(Of course, we know that the borough council plans to convert the upper floors of Ashwood House into around ninety flats.  Maybe the survey was connected with this in some way.)

Someone’s doing something….

On and off, we’ve published photos of the ‘derelict’ building on the A30 service road.  Most recently we showed some bags of ‘Postcrete’ – normally used to instal fence posts – in the window.

p1070533b p1070534b

Longer ago, we showed the broken windows in the back of the building, with pigeons going in and out.  But not now;  the windows have been blocked off with wire mesh and boards.  There’s as story to be told, if only we knew it.

…blow the bl**dy doors off

We were intrigued to see this chap working on a cable cabinet at the top of the High Street the other day.  Well, it wasn’t the chap himself – it was the red notice inside the cabinet that caught our attention.  The main text on the notice is easy to read, but we can’t quite make out what the rest says.  But it does seem to be ‘official’.  Can a friendly Virgin man/woman help us out?

p1070528c p1070528b

Worcester’s High Street is traffic-free

We reckon it’s a safe bet that, before Worcester’s High Street was pedestrianised, it was full of traffic.  Yet, bizarrely, that’s a reason given for not banning traffic from Camberley’s High Street.

p1070392b p1070391b

Of course, we’re not proposing a total ban on traffic in our High Street.  But people and traffic don’t mix, so when there are lots of pedestrians about, vehicles shouldn’t be allowed.

What puzzles us is that there’s no real need to do anything to our High Street if the intention is to let Camberley evolve into a backwater shopping parade.  But the council’s aspiration is still – as far as we know – for the town to achieve ‘Top 100’ status.  Which won’t happen while the High Street doubles as a car park.  Muddled thinking, we feel.

We must apologise to our car park stairwell!

For some years we’ve said that the principle stairs serving Main Square car park are the worst car park ‘front’ stairs that we can remember.  But not any longer.  We reckon that the prize, by a short head, now goes to one of the car parks in Salisbury.  The stairs don’t look TOO bad, and the concrete steps aren’t as badly worn as ours, but with little in the way of natural daylight and being decidedly ‘biologically malodorous’, the Salisbury stairs don’t appeal at all.  Their main saving grace is that there are some decent-sized lifts next to them to use instead.


What’s more, parking doesn’t come cheap – see the photo below.  Camberley’s charges compare favourably.  (For heaven’s sake, don’t tell the borough council how much it costs to park overnight in Salisbury.  The council would increase Camberley’s charges immediately!)



The Carpenters Arms deserves some credit

The Carpenters Arms (one of the few remaining ‘old’ pubs – at least in name) has recently been decked out with an excellent floral display.  A pleasure on a grey day.  It’s all too easy to hurry by without noticing, so we reckon that it deserves mention here.  If only the shops in the High Street could all be persuaded to do something similar…….

p1070526b p1070527b