Taking shelter

Prompt action has been taken to tackle the badly damaged bus shelter on Church Hill. (We showed a picture of it yesterday, in the afternoon rather than in our normal early hours of the morning.)

The shelter was removed completely before the end of the day. Inevitably, traffic was held up by temporary traffic lights while the work was underway. The general public suffered in the process, and it probably has to pay from limited funds as well.

Vandal or traffic collision?

Our county councillor has already posted pictures of this damaged bus shelter on Church Hill. The debate on his Facebook page concludes that it’s the result of vandalism. On balance, we disagree. The damage is so great that it’s probably beyond the abilities of a few drunken ‘yobs’. Possibly someone tied a rope between the shelter and a reasonably powerful vehicle and drove off, but that seems unlikely (though not impossible).

The reason we’re interested is that we MIGHT have been passing when the damage was caused. At the end of last week we were driving up the hill – looking where we were going and not at the shelter on the other side of the road. But, as we passed, there was an almighty crash. Looking in our door mirror, we recall seeing a transit-type van and a man apparently doing something with a large sheet of metal on the pavement. The van was parked alongside the kerb, so we concluded that it hadn’t been involved in any collision, but that the occupant was tidying up damage that had happened already.

Bear in mind we were travelling at 30mph, and the only view we had was in our mirror. We’re not what you’d call a reliable witness.

The surprising thing is that there’s no sign of impact damage, or any marks from heavy boots. So the jury is still out.

“It’s disgusting”

A visitor to Main Square the other day asked us to publicise the dreadful state of the car park stairs. In their words, “They’re disgusting”. As we’ve said the same thing many times ourselves, here’s a photo:

This is a photo of the main stairs – the ones that the visitor used. The secondary stairs are worse – in both appearance and smell. (Of course, it’s difficult to keep the secondary stairs spotless when they’re open to the street at all hours of the day and night – they tend to get ‘abused’. But we do know of a car park which has external doors which are locked, or ‘one way only’ at night….)

Don’t buses have sat-navs?

We were surprised the other day to see this London bus sitting in the bus layby on the A30 with its engine running. We’ve no idea why it was there, but after a few minutes it drove off towards its home territory of London…

No doubt we’re wrong, but looking at this photo it seems us that, though London buses have altered considerably over the years, their wheels have hardly changed.

The London Road Block is self-demolishing!

The council is steadfastly refusing to demolish the eye-sore that is the London Road Block. However, as our photos show, bits of the building are falling to the ground anyway.

You’re going to have to do something about it, SHBC. In the meantime, put some barriers on the pavement to stop people walking underneath descending debris.

A bollard met its match..

Our title today is a bit of an understatement. This bollard on the corner of the High Street and Obelisk Way more than met its match. It suffered a knockout! But it’s a bit of a puzzle that it happened – it’s not in a particularly vulnerable location. Or, at least, we wouldn’t have thought it was, but the evidence is to the contrary…