Pigeons staying out of the rain

In the heavy rain of a few days ago, we spotted these pigeons sheltering by an upstairs window at the back of a building that faces the A30 in Camberley.  Then we realised that some of the glass was missing, and the birds were sheltering inside the building as well as on the window ledge.P1120638bIn fact, the building looks totally decrepit.  Here it is on a rather sunnier day.

P1060276bThe front isn’t in a much better state.  It doesn’t seem so long ago that pieces of masonry fell off it and crashed onto the pavement below.

We imagine that the council has the power to acquire the building and demolish it.  (Almost anything would be better than to leave it in its current condition, which is scarcely a credit to the town.)  But uncertainty over the future of the London Road Block is a grand reason for doing nothing.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Many apologies for showing off with one of the few bits of Latin that we can remember.  ‘Who guards the guardians?’.

The question isn’t actually relevant to the photo that Mike sent us a little while ago, but we don’t know what the Latin for ‘clamper’ is (or was).  Otherwise we’d have asked ‘Who clamps the clampers?’

Clamper van

Mike tells us the DVLA van was “Spotted this week in St George’s Road whilst driver was clamping two cars. He did not self clamp.”  We’ll have to take his word for that, but we do notice that the van is partly parked on the pavement.  Hardly setting us all a good example.

Judge the county council’s competence for yourself

Recently, this official notice appeared in the local paper:

Frimley Road traffic restrictionb

The first thing that strikes us is that it refers to traffic travelling west on the Frimley Road.  We reckon that the Frimley Road is more of a north-south road than one that goes east-west.  However, to be fair, the notice refers to Lyon Way, and near there the Frimley Road – the B3411 –  lies somewhere between the two directions, as this map shows.

Frimley Rd

But, hang on, the reference to traffic heading west must – surely – mean traffic heading TOWARDS the A30?  In which case, Lyon Way is on the LEFT.  A ban on traffic turning RIGHT into Lyon Way therefore seems meaningless.

And another thing.  Though the heading of the notice refers to the Frimley Road as being the B3411, the text refers (incorrectly, we suspect) to the B2411.  So it looks like SCC has got TWO things wrong in one short notice.

Does this matter?  Of course, not.  We all make mistakes.  But then we recall that it’s the county council that’s behind the shambolic road-widening project outside Frimley Park Hospital, and we begin to wonder whether incompetence runs deep.  And then we remember that the county council a few years ago wrote about Surrey Heath’s long boundary with the Thames.  At which point we ask ourselves whether the county council has any interest in our part of the county at all.


And then it rained……

Camberley was a sea of puddles – so to speak – yesterday.  Here are just two of notices that appeared during the worst of the weather.


The first was on the door of GAME in The Mall.  (We love the sad little face in one corner of the notice!)  The second was on the door of The Carpenters Arms.


We’ve heard of a ‘dry pub’ before, but a flooded pub is a new experience.  (it’s a slightly fuzzy photo, but we didn’t hang around in the rain to do any better.)

Our hopes of a new service road seem dashed

Six weeks or so ago we commented on the demolition of the very derelict former Hoover Spares building in Bissingen Way. http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-1Hb

Before that, we described the borough council’s plans of fifteen years ago to create a new service road to give rear access to the shops on the east side of the High Street .http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-1Gx


We had hoped that knocking down the building was a step towards the creation of the new service road.  But, it would seem not.  Railings have appeared around part of the cleared site – and they look fairly permanent, not something that would be erected temporarily while construction work was carried out.

Still no exciting arrival in the Atrium

It doesn’t seem anything like as long as three months since we commented on the failure of an ‘exciting new arrival’ in the Atrium.  http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-1EN  But it is.

The window poster that we commented on at that time has been replaced by a much more generic ‘banner poster’.  It’s been there a week or more, and it looks good – but it doesn’t promise ANY arrival, let-alone an exciting one.  What a disappointment.


The Car Show and a traffic-free High Street – two questions and an action

From what we’ve read in the last day or so, LOTS of people enjoyed strolling along Camberley’s High Street on Saturday without having to dodge in and out of traffic.  Who wouldn’t want to do that more often?


We’ve been banging on about pedestrianising the High Street for more years than we care to remember.  Not total pedestrianisation – but, for example, at those times when there are plenty of shoppers, with push-chairs and children, about.

The borough council has been promising improvements in the High Street’s pedestrian environment for at least fifteen years.  Yet it’s done virtually nothing.  (Some would argue that it’s done nothing at all.)  So is this the time for the residents – whom the council is suppose to serve – to apply pressure to get something done?

If you support the idea, spread the word about, and maybe – just maybe – we’ll persuade the council to get off its corporate bottom.  Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with traffic in the High Street for another fifteen years.