A bit of history – and putting the record straight.

This is what that A30 hoarding looked like yesterday. Remember those adverts – and the pink ‘M’ for The Mall – the organisation which owned the shopping centre?

Now, we must put the record straight. A few days ago, we wrote an item with the heading ‘Our council is unfit to manage property’. What we didn’t say was that the council presumably KNOWS that it isn’t fit to manage property. That would explain why, less than a couple of months ago, it invited “tenders for the provision of the Management Services for SHBC’s predominantly retail holdings” – a five-year, £2,800,000 contract.

We don’t have enough details to determine whether the scope of the work includes stopping bits of council buildings becoming a danger to pedestrians, but we hope that it does.

A one-day affair

A few days ago we showed a photo of temporary plastic barriers across a lowered kerb in Pembroke Broadway. We speculated that, amongst other things, they were there to stop two-wheeled delivery drivers from taking a short cut between Main Square car park and Lumina. And we wondered whether they would be effective.

Well, as our today’s photo shows, they didn’t stay in place very long!


A30 frontage – update

To quote the council:

“We are currently undertaking essential maintenance on the large hoarding adjacent to the A30 in Camberley town centre.

The boards will be replaced and checks undertaken as normal to ensure public safety.”

Is that ‘checks undertaken as normal’ as in ‘the road had to be closed in a panic – no prior warning – because we’d allowed public safety to be jeopardised’?

(There really can’t be a lot of job satisfaction in telling a distorted version of the truth to the residents who pay your wages.)

Our council is unfit to manage property

Now that the police have declared the borough council’s hoarding on the A30 service road as a danger to the public, just possibly the council will do something about it. We first mentioned the obvious structural deterioration well over a year ago and we’ve since written that the owner will need courage to ignore it. The owner – the council – obviously has the courage – or perhaps it just doesn’t care.

The incompetency of our council is breathtaking. Quoting Oliver Cromwell: ‘In the name of God, go’ – before you kill someone.

‘Road block’ – will it work

We spotted this neat row of barriers alongside the kerb in Pembroke Broadway, and wondered why they were there. But we then realised that that stretch of kerb is a ‘dropped kerb’, which is used by two-wheel delivery drivers to access the walkway between Lumina and the multi-storey car park. Are the barriers a measure to stop them? And will they be effective? – it’s not difficult to drive round them with a bit of a bump.

What is this bus doing here?

We watch this bus cross the High Street, enter the service area behind Boots, turn round and park – switching off its engine – outside The Ark. The mystery is that there’s no bus stop and the kerb is marked with double yellow lines, yet there was someone waiting for the bus – she climbed aboard as soon as its door was opened – who was obviously expecting it.

So, what is the No. 598 bus, and what was it doing there? Can anyone tell us?