Frimley Lodge Live – Dead or Dying….

If you pay for an advertising banner, and you go to the trouble of putting it up, it’s probably as well to make sure that it STAYS up properly.  Otherwise it’s likely to detract from whatever you’re advertising.


Now it may have been the weather, or it may have been troublesome people, that caused this Frimley Lodge Live banner outside the station to come adrift.  But  we tax-payers had to pay for it to be printed and installed, so we’ve lost out.  (Since it’s not possible to read the date of Frimley Lodge Live on the banner, the banner might as well be removed.  It’s mainly making the place look untidy.)

More about local shops

As Facebook readers will have learned already, Mrs Potts’ Place – the new arts and crafts supply shop (and more) in Obelisk Way – opened yesterday morning ahead of schedule.  It looks good; lots of fun to be had!


Also, the other day we noticed this job advertisement on the window of the former MacDonalds shop in Obelisk Way:


We can now see why it was there – the shop is being fitted out as new premises for the beauty ‘stall’ that’s currently in Main Square.

P1110816Above: the former MacDonalds gift shop.  Below: the new beauty salon.

P1070178b(Apologies for the reflections in the new photo – it’s sometimes impossible to avoid them.)

Arena has just faded away…

The borough council first looked into replacing Arena – the leisure centre on the A30 – a decade or more ago.  The large name board on the outside of the building doesn’t seem to have been maintained since then.  To all intents and purposes it is now illegible and useless.

P1060815b P1060814b

Look VERY carefully, and you may be able to make out the name ‘Arena’.  Try it!

More about shop closures

It’s only a couple of weeks since Hobby Toy Game in Obelisk Way announced that it would be closing.  A handwritten notice on the door said that it would be open weekends only until further notice.


It would appear that ‘further notice’ has happened fairly quickly.  The shop is now empty of stock.  Even the impressive Ferris Wheel that used to be in the window has gone.


(And the Eye is running behind lots of Facebook comments in reporting the impending closure of the photographic shop in Camberley’s High Street.  One way and another, we’ve spent more than a few pounds in there.  But, as we and others say so often, traditional retail is going to shrink considerably.  High Streets everywhere are going to have to change or decline.  Resisting change – a criticism that we level at the borough council in this context – can have only one result.)


Frenchies – were we worrying unnecessarily?

Not long ago we suggested that – although it had previously been announced that Frenchies had been sold as a going concern – very little seemed to be happening in the ‘former’ ice cream parlour in Obelisk Way.


Well, things ARE now happening.  When we took this photo, furniture had been moved since we last looked in the shop.  Cleaning materials were evident at the back of the premises, the floor was shining and the ceiling fans were revolving.  The vibes are good;  let’s hope the warm weather holds for a welcome re-opening.

That didn’t take long!

A planning application has just been submitted for the newly-opened block of flats – Bradley Court – in Knoll Road.  The application is for: the “Conversion of roofspace to create three 2 bedroom and one 1 bedroom residential units”


The obvious question is ‘Why wasn’t this scheme included in the conversion of the former office block in the first place?’