We’ve asked a question like this before…..

If you arrive at Main Square car park at 6:00am on a Sunday, and you park for an hour, what is the cost?  Does it count as a Saturday evening, because it’s before 8:00am, or is it charged at the Sunday rate?


(We assume that all our readers have learned by now that the proposed Christmas ice rink and fair in the London Road Recreation Ground was approved by the planning committee last night.  So we’re not going to repeat the information!)

Patched tarmac patch – the end!

We discussed the patched tarmac patch in Park St with S….. yesterday.  S….. said that they were desperate for an update on the situation (maybe we’re exaggerating just a little here?).

Anyway, those with enough stamina to have read the two items that we wrote about the pavement ‘repair’ near The Works will be relieved to know that the saga is over.  The stone setts have been replaced and the pavement is now level. Well, nearly level, anyway.  A pity that sand has been left to wash into the drain….


A ‘Spot the Difference’ competition

We’ve not posted a ‘spot the difference’ competition before. But there’s a first time for everything.  Here are two photos of the top floor of Main Square car park which were taken a couple of weeks or so apart – the second being taken yesterday.  In both cases, you can see preparations to resurface the concrete floor slab.  Whilst the exercise is underway, the top floor, and the ramp leading up to it, are out of commission, of course.p1070605bp1070559b We’re not offering any prizes for this ‘spot the difference’ competition, because we can see no differences!  (Nor can we see anyone working.)   Will everything be back to normal by Saturday?  Or will we have worse queues than usual?

A30 service road yet again!

We’ve been frustrated by the saga of permit-only parking on the A30 service road in the centre of Camberley for a couple of years.  It’s quite clear that the official signs stating that part of the road is permit-only parking are ineffectual.  We frequently warn people about to park there that they are risking a £35 fine.  Invariably they don’t realise that they need a permit.


For much of the two years, we’ve been asking whether it would be possible to paint ‘Permit Only’ on the roadway next to the affected bays.  We raised this yet again at the recent meeting of the county council’s local committee.  At last we have the answer.  No, such wording is not legally-permitted.  That’s very disappointing.  But we did receive a promise that the council will look into the whole question of signage along that stretch of road yet again.

(Perhaps we should repeat our offer.  As every time we warn someone against parking in ‘that part’ of the road – and we do so very frequently – we deny the council the £35 fine.  So, if the council pays us £20 a day, we’ll stop giving warnings.  Seems cheap at the price, don’t you think….)