Parking charges – council Executive to think again

A couple of months ago the borough council Executive agreed, with minor qualifications, to increase the cost of parking in the town.  (We wrote about the proposals here:

Subsequently, the Executive’s decision was formally questioned by two councillors.  Key factors included:

“The decision to raise car-parking charges had been taken at a time when the income from car parking was falling; footfall in the shopping centre had fallen and work would be underway on the High Street, which would potentially cause disruption to shoppers and traders

“The report considered by the Executive had contained insufficient information as to the proper timing of the scheduled works.

“There was a lack of information on the viability of Camberley Town Centre and the impact of the revenue raised in the current financial year.

“Bracknell, a competitor town, was reported to have decided not to increase charges in the car parks it manages.

“Lack of detail on footfall data, income generation and ongoing costs had been provided to the Executive which had prevented it from looking at car parking in the wider economic context.

“The discrepancy between proposals to increase daytime tariffs at a time when traders were experiencing year on year falls in trading levels, whilst reducing evening tariffs in support of the night-time economy.

“Feedback from an online, informal survey had indicated that residents did not feel they received good value from Camberley Town Centre and consequently shopped in neighbouring towns “

As a result, at tomorrow’s Executive meeting the committee will re-consider its earlier decision.  It will discuss whether to postpone any conclusion until it has more information. It will also consider a proposal “to establish a Task & Finish Group to examine council provided parking in Camberley Town Centre, [addressing amongst other things] the total parking package offered in town centre car parks, and the whole parking offering and charging regime to include a reasonable provision of free parking with not less than one hour.”

Scaffolding – the sequel….

Yesterday we showed scaffolding on the side of the former Job Centre at the top of Park Street.  To our surprise, the scaffolding didn’t touch the ground.

Well, the scaffolding has now gone.  It seems that it was only there so that new window openings could be cut in the wall.  The only evidence that the scaffolding used to be there is a few bolt holes and – for some reason – a clip which fastened the scaffolding to the wall.

(Steadfast readers will know that the Eye has nerdish tendencies.  Apologies, but we can’t help it.  The alternative today was to show photos of yesterday’s queue in The Square for children – and their parents – to see Peppa Pig.  A forty-five minute wait: that’s commitment!)

Scaffolding – the next chapter!

The massive popularity of yesterday’s item about scaffolding (?) has persuaded us to post another…


No doubt it’s quite routine, but we were amazed to see recently that scaffolding on the former Job Centre didn’t touch the ground. You’ll see two long vertical ‘supports’ in our first photo;  our second photo shows that their lower ends are ‘only’ attached to the building.

UPDATE…  The scaffolding didn’t stay there very long.  We’ll post about the aftermath tomorrow.



A scaffolding puzzle

Scaffolding has been erected at the front of the former drycleaners on the A30 service road.  As yet, we don’t know why.  The building is probably the most derelict premises in the town centre, and we weren’t expecting anything much to happen to it until it was Edit date and timedemolished as part of the redevelopment of the London Road Block.

We know who the owner used to be, but whether the building has now been acquired by the council we still wait to find out.  (As we understand it, the council doesn’t yet own all the property in the London Road Block.  Until it does, redevelopment can’t start very easily, of course.  But we wait for the council to announce that it has chosen its preferred developer; until that’s happened, we imagine that detailed planning will have to wait…)

(There’ll be more articles in the Eye soon about scaffolding.  What bliss!)

Walking on logs!

The council posted a picture of the finished flooring in The Square yesterday.  What it didn’t show was the flooring in close-up.  So we’re sharing the council’s photo and adding one of our own.  (We’ve ‘tweaked’ our photo to highlight the individual ’tiles’ in the flooring, so don’t take too much notice of the colouring.)

It’s certainly unusual. So much so that we’re a bit ambivalent about its appearance at the moment.

(But, we must say that we’re not ambivalent about the way the upgrading of the mall has been carried out.  It’s been done with virtually no inconvenience to shoppers, so full marks for that.)

Another in our famous series of bollard photos…..

We’re not sure when the bollard near the top of Park Street (it’s in the middle of our picture) last had an encounter with a wayward vehicle. We photographed it in an uprooted state nearly a couple of months ago, but it had been like that for quite a while by then.

Anyway, congratulations to the county council for replanting it.  How long will it stay like that????

If you’ve wondered about the gates

It’s probably a couple of weeks since gates were installed in the black hoarding around the former Magistrate’s Court site.  With very little effort we found out – or, at least, we were told – that the site will be used as a builders yard for the redevelopment of the former Hayward House opposite.

UPDATE – when we cycled passed that site the other day, mainly watching out for traffic, we think we saw out of the corner of our eye that the gates had been painted black to match the rest of the hoarding.

The Atrium’s tenth anniversary

The borough council recently reminded us that the Atrium is ten years old. During that time it’s been subject to the English weather and wind-blown dirt.  Both of which have left their mark on the ‘white’ finish.  It’s no longer white – especially at the back of the building.


Happily, that’s being remedied.  The contrast between the new coating and the old is quite noticeable!

A smarter roundabout..

Some fairly serious work was being carried out on the roundabout at the Park Street/Southwell Park Road the other day.  We couldn’t work out precisely what was happening, but we hope it wasn’t because some silly person had sprayed paint over one of the ‘Keep Left’ signs.  That would cost the county council – which says it’s very short of funds – money that could be better spent elsewhere.