And even more flats

Back in 2010 we took this photo of a rather forlorn building on the London Road when a planning application had been submitted to convert at least half of it.  But nothing much happened. The most obvious difference between now and then is that the right-hand window has been boarded up in sympathy with its fellow on the left.

However, another application has now been registered with the council.  It’s for the: “Erection of a four storey building to comprise nine flats made up of 4 two bed flats, 4 one bed flats and 1 studio flat, following demolition of existing building.”

Almost anything would look better than the current empty shops.

Knoll (wobbly) Walk

Being a nerd, we like horizontal things to be horizontal.  (We have much the same obsession with vertical things being – well, pretty obviously – vertical.)  Neither of these fetishes is satisfied by the new railings in Knoll Walk.

If you look at our first photo, you’ll probably agree that the metal fence ‘panels’ do look somewhat ‘wavy’.  This isn’t much helped by a crude attempt to compensate for the sloping ground – as our second, close-up, photo shows, the left and right attachment points for  ‘horizontal’ bars are welded at different heights on either side of the fence posts.

The trouble is, the posts are all the same, but the slope probably varies along the walkway.

And our final photo doesn’t satisfy our wish for verticals to be vertical.  Unless the new brick building is leaning forward – which we doubt – the fence is leaning backwards. We’d call it a shoddy job.  And no doubt the tax-payer will foot the bill.


Flats galore

A planning application has been submitted affecting a somewhat unattractive building on the A30.  It’s for the “Erection of two buildings with one up to seven stories (with further basement accommodation) and one up to five stories, to comprise 51 x one bed units, 43 x two bed units and 2 x three bed units with part ground floor commercial users and associated parking, landscaping and access. All following demolition of the 5 storey, 2 storey and single storey existing buildings across the site. “

We don’t know what’s happened to the residents of the existing building, but we’ll probably be glad to see it replaced.  However, seven stories seems excessively tall for that stretch of road.

Sweet Shop is closing

It’s been mentioned elsewhere already, but EYE readers might not know that the Sweet Shop – next to the entrance to Main Square Car Park – is apparently closing in June.  It seems that one of the reasons is that ‘Camberley town is very quiet’.  According to Facebook, the owneres are ‘looking at relocating to a nice busy area soon’.

Of course, we are supposed to be consuming less sugar too….

Hedgehog news!

Last week was – as you undoubtedly know – Hedgehog Awareness Week.  So we wondered whether there was a connection with this plastic ‘tunnel’ that we found somewhere  – we’re not saying where – in Camberley.  (Apologies, the photos aren’t very good, but they were taken from a distance in order not to disturb anything.)

But we suspect not.  The label on the side of the tunnel refers to Amazing Grace, and we’ve discovered that “#AmazingGrace is joint project with the Save Me Trust, Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue & supported by Spikes Hedgehog Food & the British Hedgehog Preservation Society”.   Let’s hope that the hedgehogs benefit from it.)

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. But…

For this item, we’re staying as neutral as we can.  We’re just stating the facts as we see them.

The plans for the new Arena leisure centre have been released (as yet there has been no detailed planning application registered).  The ‘before’ – in black and white – and ‘after’ – in colour – positions are shown below.

Residents are objecting for two different reasons.  Firstly, users are generally unhappy that the redevelopment means that the leisure centre will be out of action for two years.  Secondly, that the plans propose eliminating the green space between the leisure centre and the A30, and in expanding the car parking area over a significant part of the recreation ground.  This green space is a ‘lung’ for local residents, whose number will increase substantially once the conversion of Ashwood House and the redevelopment of the London Road Block (presumably into flats) have been completed.  Moreover, other town centre office blocks are being similarly converted – or replaced by flats entirely – adding further to the town centre population.

The unhappiness of users is already being aired quite widely.  The concern of residents about the elimination of green space is still largely on the launch pad.  Strictly from a formal planning perspective, however, the latter is possibly the more powerful objection.  However, we shall see when the planning application is assessed by the council.


Vehicle access to the High Street restricted for a year

We’ve known for a long time that the council intends restricting parking in the High Street.  We think this is a potty compromise – the road should be pedestrianised completely.  However, the council knows best, obviously.

An Eagle Radio item – flagged to us by Mike – reports that access restrictions will start on 24th June and that the road will re-open to all vehicles a year or so later. Clicking on the picture below should take you direct to the item.  If not. you’ll find it at