A new shop – as we were promised

A while ago, Authenticated Memorabilia closed in the Mall.  However, it said at the time that it would be re-opening in a different format – incorporating a coffee shop – in Park Street.

We don’t think that ‘Memco’ will be occupying every empty shop unit beneath the Premier Inn.  But they’re all being fitted out.  Maybe it just makes financial sense to do this; we’re not aware of anyone else about to move in.

Main Square car park – looking smart

We took this photo a couple of weeks ago, when the newly repaired and resurfaced top floor of Main Square car park had just been put back in service.  It does look smart!

(It’s a pity that the car park’s main staircase destroys the good impression.  We were told by the council that it would be improved during the summer holidays.  That’s LAST summer’s holidays, by the way.)



The Cabin – blocked up and making progress

A couple of times before we’ve mentioned the new bar/cafe that’s coming to Camberley.  That’s The Cabin on the A30 service road.  Well, progress in preparing the premises is now very visible, and blockwork to enclose the side opening looks pretty much complete.

Facebook details for The Cabin have been on display in the window for a while, so apologies for not showing them before.

Kitchen Kapers – from the horse’s mouth

You may remember the Rightmove entry that we mentioned earlier this week.  Well, we’ve now had a pleasant chat with Kitchen Kapers who assured us that they aren’t closing.  Whilst they’re hoping to at least partially redevelop their site, the High Street frontage will remain as a shop.  Even if Kitchen Kapers does vacate it, they’ll look for premises elsewhere in the town.