Change does happen – eventually

For years, we, and others, have pointed out that the large yellow sign at the entrance to the High Street was grossly out-of-date.  But the obsolete information has now been covered up with yellow tape.

Somewhere we must have a photo of the sign before the tape was applied.  Our first picture, though, is taken from Google Streetview – it’s easier than searching our ‘archives’!  However, our second picture is our very own, taken recently.  When did the ‘redacting’ take place?  It can’t have been too long ago.  Or was it when the High Street makeover first started?


Goodbye to ‘Station House’ – we hope!

A notice has been attached to the former Accent building – Station House – in Pembroke Broadway, proposing its total demolition.  It’s hardly a thing of beauty, so we’d be glad to see it go.

As yet, we’ve not come across any proposal for a replacement.  Let’s hope the Kings Court site opposite doesn’t set a fashion for being derelict for years..

Some readers will already know that the building and its ‘attached’ stairwell have been parting company for years.  Our final photo shows the gap between the two on the top floor.

The council does a courageous thing…

This notice has appeared outside Main Square car park.  It announces that parking charges will be reintroduced from 24th July, BUT, that parking in both Main Square and Knoll Road car parks will be free for up to four hours until mid-September.

Let’s hope that this will encourage people to shop in Camberley.  An excellent initiative.

Workers on low wages should be pleased to know that a parking subsidy scheme will be introduced for them.  It will apply to Knoll Road and Wilton Road car parks.

Changes to the theatre frontage

A planning application relating to the Knoll Road theatre has been submitted for the ‘Removal of existing canopy and replace with aluminium canopy and external fenestration alterations.’

‘The proposal relates only to the portion of the building which features grey tiling. It is proposed to remove the steel and glass canopy and replace it with a contemporary aluminum canopy in anthracite grey. All grey tiling will also be removed and replaced with off white render and feature wooden vertical cladding to the front elevation. The alterations have been designed to bring the building into the 21st century and to be in keeping with the proposed Camberley town centre regeneration plan.’

As you probably know, something has to be done to the front of the building.  The grey tiling has shown a tendency to become detached…

Rather remarkably, when we looked at the planning applications website we could find no artist’s impression of the new canopy when viewed from the front of the building.  Without one, it would be difficult to approve the proposal.

The Cambridge Hotel is falling down…

We were told the other day that something was becoming detached from the Cambridge Hotel.  But by the time we walked by on Sunday, the damage apparently had been done.  There were remains of ‘something’ on the pavement, and an obvious gap in the boards above the ground floor windows.

Now the Cambridge Hotel really IS part of Camberley’s history.  It’s where a new name for the town –  ‘Cambridge Town – was first announced.  The borough council doesn’t seem to think it matters.


Will the pandemic ever end?

Based on our experience yesterday, we think the pandemic could last ‘for ever’.  We walked around the Square at the end of the morning and we were struck by an almost total absence of masks, and the surprisingly-large number of people apparently ignoring social distancing and the ‘one-way’ system around the mall.

It’s not our job to preach.  But, honestly, if people want things to get back to normal as soon as possible, then they have to take the necessary precautions now.  In the meantime, as we’re one of those ‘at risk’, we’re going to stay out of the shopping centre as much as possible.

(We must thank one of our readers for today’s photograph, which they sent to the Eye a little while ago.)