Good and bad news

Nina has sent us this photo of the sign that’s appeared above the window of the new fish and chip shop in the High Street.

An empty shop being re-occupied – that’s the good news.  But the sad news – already highlighted by others – is that tReds shoe shop in The Square is closing.  Daryl provided a couple of photos – this one, in particular, confirms the situation.  Prices have been discounted by 30%, not that it’ll be of much comfort to any staff who are losing their jobs.



Lest We Forget….

You’ll have to look really closely at today’s photos to see what we’re talking about.  They show that, in the last few days, two shadowy black metal figures of first world war soldiers have appeared either side of the war memorial on the London Road.  We’ve seen no announcement about them, but the notice on the bottom of them says ‘Lest We Forget. 1914-1918’, so almost certainly they’re to commemorate the end of the first world war.

Council replaces the planters!

We did wonder what would replace the planters in Park Street that were removed a couple of weeks ago.  Well, now we know.  Litter bins!  You can still see the muddy patch where one planter used to be, outside Pizza Express.

We’re told that the reason for removing the planters was that the shrubs in them were blocking the view of/from the nearby shops.  Sadly, in the light of the latest information about the House of Fraser, and in spite of an optimistic statement by the council, we suspect that those shops will be looking across at an empty building in six months’ or so’s time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day….

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither was the building that’s being constructed on the site of the former Stacks/Moss shop in the High Street.  But after MANY months during which nothing happened, there’s now clear evidence from the back of the building that work is underway.

New brickwork and a man in a hi-viz jacket look promising after such a long delay.

A patriotic barber’s shop

We noticed the other day that the illuminated spiral barber’s ‘pole’ outside KD Barbers in Princess Way was sporting a rather unusual image.

If we’re right, the red spiral on the traditional pole was meant to represent blood – barbers used to perform surgery amongst other things.  So maybe the blue implies that our local barbers operates on local royalty.  (Or does it have some other topical reference??)

Vandalism in Main Square car park?

The wire mesh beside the stairs in one of the stairwells in Main Square car park is badly damaged.  The only likely cause that we can think of is vandalism.  If we’re right, it’s a frustrating situation;  tax payers will have to foot the bill for the pointless act.

(The stairwell is the one that’s little-used at the moment because it leads to the closed walkway between the car park and Ashwood House.)

Burger King: preparing for the next tenant (but there’s a ‘but’)

It’s pretty obvious from the noise that been coming from the former Burger King in the High Street that work is going on inside.  So, we sneaked around the back and asked what was happening.  The answer?  We were told that all the old fittings are being stripped out to prepare for a new tenant.  BUT, we were also told that no new tenant has yet signed on the dotted line.  In which case, the shop seems likely to remain empty for a while;

‘The Economist’ – should it have asked the Eye?

We all know about ‘fake news’ on the internet.  But we do tend to rely on information from trusted sources.  So it’s a bit disturbing to read the two seemingly-conflicting statements that appeared a few days ago from presumably-reliable organisations.

The first is a news item published by our very own council.  It said: “Ashwood House, a former office block on Pembroke Broadway in Camberley will be transformed into 116 luxury apartments by Berkeley Homes who will start work later this year.”  Note, ‘Ashwood House…work will start later this year’.

The second item is an extract from an article titled ‘As shoppers go on line, high streets reinvent themselves’, which was published by ‘The Economist’.  Here it is:

Note, ‘Ashwood House… has just been finished’.  Oh dear.  ‘The Economist’ appears to have got that very wrong.  And we’re not sure about the ‘700 new houses and flats’ in the town centre either.  That’s considerably more than we can identify.  We don’t know WHY ‘The Economist’ seems to have published some muddled ‘facts’, but we’ll read it with more caution from now on.