Talking about Camberley’s railway…

No, this isn’t about last night’s railway meeting, which will be reported in detail by others.  Instead, it’s to warn that Camberley’s level crossing will be closed on Sunday, 28th Feb.

But, as Penny pointed out a few days ago (thanks again, Penny), this Sunday is actually the 1st March.  So maybe the crossing was closed this morning instead.  (The Eye was in bed, so we don’t know!)



That was Yorktown House, that was!

Months ago we used to publish regular photographs of the demolition of The Duke of York and of Yorktown House (at the top of the Frimley Road and at the intersection with the A30).

It’s about time we provided an update.  Not that it’s an exciting prospect at the present time.  We just hope the end-result won’t dominate the Frimley Road too much.


Above – the view from the Frimley Road.  Below – the rear of the new flats.


The Atrium – spot the difference…

We took the first of these photos some months ago.P1090271

You may remember that the name ‘The Atrium’ near the top of the building had a couple of damaged letters for quite a while.  (The blue covers to an ‘A’ and an ‘R’ are missing, so the letters look as if they are white.)

In fact, the damaged letters were never repaired.  Instead, the eventual solution seems to have been a pragmatic one – remove the name entirely!  Apart from a bit of grubbiness where the name once was, there’s nothing left to see.

The second photo we took yesterday.


Next thing, we imagine, will be to repair the damaged ‘Car Park’ sign.  A lone ‘C’ doesn’t convey very much.

Byron Hamburgers – update

We quote:

“This March, Byron will bring proper hamburgers to Camberley with the opening of a restaurant in The Atrium. 

Byron serve hamburgers the way they should be: Scottish beef, ground fresh, cooked medium and served in a soft, squishy bun. The short and simple menu includes the Classic, Cheese, and signature Byron burgers, plus a regularly-changing special. A selection of ‘Classic Specials’ sees some of the best-loved of these return to the menu for good.

Byron’s regularly-updated craft beer list featured beers from around the world, all chosen to go perfectly with a hamburger. These include their own Byron Pale Ale and Byron Lager, brewed and canned in collaboration with Camden Town Brewery in north London.

In addition to hamburgers, Byron’s menu features sides such as French fries, onion rings, and macaroni cheese. Desserts include a caramel and honeycomb blondie, sundaes and a chocolate brownie, while milkshakes come in strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and Oreo cookie flavours. Hard shakes, classic sodas, floats and a selection of Kentucky bourbons are also available.

Every Byron’s design is unique: at The Atrium, the restaurant’s bright, mid-century industrial décor will be complemented by Lichtenstein-inspired pop art, brass fixtures and a bold yellow and white geometric patterned ceiling to the rear of the restaurant. The open kitchen and bar will provide a focal point, complemented by neon signage, timber and concrete flooring, and a mixture of vintage and contemporary furniture and fittings.”

That’s it.  The Eye doesn’t normally ‘advertise’, so we probably won’t say much more about Byron.  Just enjoy!

Byron Hamburgers. The Eye wants to be first, please!

We’ve been sent the following quick message by Byron Hamburgers.  The news is too good to keep to ourselves, though we’re tempted to do so!

“Our van’s on Park St this Sat+Sun serving proper hamburgers: 11am till they’re gone.”


Can you make sure that you’re not there ’till 11:05am, please.  That way the Eye can be at the front of the queue!!

Who used to occupy this white building in Park Street?

We can’t remember who the occupant of the building next to The Carpenters Arms in Camberley’s Park Street used to be.  But there are changes afoot.  Alerted by the sound of serious structural work in the rear of the building, we ‘snooped’ through the front door.P1110679b

It looks as if a new staircase has been installed…



A boring story. (Sigh. The old jokes aren’t always the best…)

A pile-boring machine appeared a few days ago on the edge of the M3 in Camberley.  Whether it’s just ‘parked’ there, whether it’s on the site of a future overhead gantry, or whether there’s some other explanation, we’ll just have to wait and see.  Anyway, this is what it looked like from just the other side of the fence, in Ferniehurst.IMG_0099b IMG_0103b