The gilded cages are alight!

You may recall these rather strange gibbet-like objects hanging from the roof of The Square.  They’re obviously intended to be decorative lighting, but we guess they’ve been less than satisfactory.  We recall that the lamps inside seemed to fail quite quickly after they had been installed.  What’s more, we think that their replacements packed up fairly promptly too.  So is it a case of third time lucky?  (We’re a nerd about such things, and we THINK the latest lamps are a little different in appearance from their predecessors.  Let’s hope that their performance is a little different too!)

That’s what we call a chandelier…

Eye readers will know that we don’t advertise (WordPress and Facebook may add adverts to our articles, but that’s another matter).  However, we do feel that Living in Vogue at the top of the High Street is worth a mention.  We’re a bit of a sucker for glittery things, and the chandelier above the kitchen island unit in the showroom window grabs our attention whenever we pass.

So, the other day, we popped into the showroom to ask if we could take a photo of the chandelier.  Happily, the answer was yes – but the photos that we took didn’t really do it justice.  However, here are two photos that the showroom kindly sent to us.  We reckon that even they don’t do the twinkly chandelier – which we gather was imported from Dubai – full justice.

Since we’ve been talking about street signs….

Recently there’s been a little discussion in the Eye about poor street signs.  But today we’re going one step further.  There’s been a sign-less post on the corner of the High Street for years and years.  It’s  slap bang in the middle of the pavement, and a bit of a hazard, particularly for visually-handicapped people, but nothing is done about it.

The Eye is vulnerable to accusations that we’ve not formally informed the county council about this post.  We’d have to plead guilty – but we could spend all our time reporting problems.  Clearly the public has to report hazards that have arisen suddenly – such as potholes.  The council can’t be expected to have a crystal ball.  But long-standing issues are a different matter.

Topshop/Topman closing in Camberley

For some weeks we’ve been told that Topshop/Topman would be closing in Camberley.  Somewhat puzzling, though, Camberley isn’t on the widely publicised list of places where Arcadia group shops will be shutting down.  What’s more, Camberley isn’t one of the towns hardest hit by shop closures that result from CVAs.  We quote:

“On an individual town level, CBRE found that in Shrewsbury almost 70% of retailers that undertook a CVA closed their store in the town. Telford, Darlington, Sheffield and Watford were the other worst-hit towns. ” 

However, we can’t be complacent:

“When it came to rent cuts, Camberley was the worst-hit town, with almost 80% of the stores operated by retailers who undertook a CVA subject to rent cuts. Belfast, Leeds, Leamington Spa and Harrogate were the other towns where rent cuts were most likely.”

Sadly, though, Rachel has now provided hard evidence that our Topshop/Topman will be closing.  Here’s her photograph, confirming the situation.