The last (of the) post…

Two of these photos were taken on the same day.  The third was taken a day later.  The metal post is on the A30 service road – as you can see, it carried the sign ‘Permit Holders’.  Presumably what we’re showing is vandalism (perhaps by a disgruntled driver?).   There’s still another ‘Permit Holders’ sign; what will happen to it? 



Fone World – a mystery solved

We’ve mentioned the long-awaited FoneWorld shop in The Square before.  It has just opened, but we’ve been puzzled by its logo.  There are LOTS of FoneWorld shops in other towns, but they don’t have the same ‘house style’ as the one in Camberley.  So, we’ve been digging around and found the reason.  We quote an East Sussex company called Pfeiffer Design:

“Designing a flagship store for Fone World

“We are delighted to share the working drawings and concept of one of our recently engaged commercial projects. Fone World is a well established phone and repair shop who have shops across the UK.  We have been asked to create a completely new look for their Camberley flagship store with a view to rolling out the designs across other stores. The project involves reconfiguring the layout to create a more practical and modern space and incorporating a layered lighting scheme and tailored joinery and lighting to display their products.  They also want us to set up a repair hub for customers to take their broken phones and devices to. Contemporary furniture and finishes will be introduced, creating a clean, modern look which aligns perfectly with their brand identity.”

And this is the result:

We reckon that it’s quite smart and eye-catching.  Camberley’s setting the pace!

It was only a minor – but still welcome – hanging

We showed a photo yesterday of what we thought was an early sign of flower baskets re-appearing in the town centre.  Well, we were right – but not wildly so.  The baskets were those provided by The Square for its entrances, and not those that will (we hope) be hung all around the town.

But a question.  Union flag bunting has been hung across the mall entrance.  We guess that this is because there’s a special wedding coming up.  Should the town be decorated more widely for such an occasion, or is it better to pretty much ignore it?

More hairdressers (x 2?)

At long last, the new Kingsley’s barbers at the top of the High Street has opened.

But there’s a bit of a mystery about the former BBQ Pit shop on the A30.  As well as a load of used catering equipment that’s recently appeared in the window, several boxes that seem to contain barber’s chairs are now stacked just inside.  Is yet another barber on its way?

At a rough estimate, nearly ninety percent of the retailers in the London Road Block are independents.  Which should please those who don’t want Camberley to be the same as everywhere else.  And, of course, barbers, hairdressers, nailbars, e-cigarette shops, tattoo parlours and so on tend to be independents.  So those who want more independent retailers in Camberley – and that seems to include the borough council – will be happy to see more of the same.  Local consumers should be happy too, because more suppliers means a greater choice, and more competition to keep prices low.

Two very unusual photographs

Our two photographs today are of absolutely no relevance to Camberley.  Which may be a first for the Eye.  So why are we showing them?  Well, all our readers will know that Surrey Heath residents – through the borough council – ‘own’ The Square.  What they might not know is that residents have further interests in retail;  the county council bought a shopping centre in Malvern last year.  We were there a couple of weeks ago and we took these photos.  Sadly, we don’t think Camberley residents get a discount if they shop there!


It looks very nice on a sunny day (you can see the Malvern Hills in the background of our second photo.)  But on a cold, wet, day, we’d prefer the roof of the Square over us.  Not that the roof is publicised in any way, as far as we know.

Stairway to heaven?

You might remember that we’ve posted a couple of times lately about the stairs leading up to the train station.  The first time, we showed the stairs in a dangerous condition; the second time our photo showed them cordoned off.  Well, third time lucky – they’ve been repaired.

The repair might be functional.  It might even be cost-effective.  But it ain’t exactly beautiful.  Can we have a new station to match the council’s aspirations, please?

Why not fill them with concrete??

This is the latest damage to a bollard in Park Street.  The bollard appears to be made of thin stainless steel sheet.  Would it have been better – or worse – if the bollard had been filled with concrete, with a stout reinforcing bar in the middle?

It wouldn’t cost much to do this, and just maybe a solid bollard would have survived to live another day.

The obelisk – a no-go area?

Just over a month ago we published a photo of the obelisk, showing where substantial tree-clearing had taken place.  We pointed out that the footpath up to the obelisk was closed – ‘Heras’ temporary fencing had been placed across it.

Since then, we’ve seen little evidence of any more clearing work.  And we assumed that the fencing across the footpath had been forgotten;  a week ago someone had moved it out of the way:

But, fast forward a few more days and the fence has been replaced… Why, when it seems that there’s no work underway, has the obelisk been ‘out of bounds’ for so long?