d’apres Paul, le deluge

It rained quite hard a couple of nights ago – you may remember! Paul has sent us a few photos of the consequences for the road under the Park Street bridge…

(A confession. Many years ago, the Eye ignored a ‘Road Closed’ sign on a flooded road. The water wasn’t very deep – it didn’t quite reach the underside of the car. We drove gently…. and the water still wrecked the engine. It took some hours for the breakdown truck to reach us, and we’ve been nervous about driving through ‘puddles’ ever since.)

A photo for Monty Python fans…

Monty Python fans may recall The Crimson Permanent Assurance, and expect the remains of the Cambridge Hotel to go sailing into battle… (Non MP fans might find out more by looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crimson_Permanent_Assurance – if Facebook deletes this link, we’ll reinstate it later today.)

Secret Trees

At yesterday’s meeting of the council Executive Committee, one agenda item was ‘Additional Camberley High Street Trees’

We would tell you more – only we can’t. The matter is apparently so confidential that the public was excluded from the discussion. Still, it’s nice to know that ‘additional trees’ may be on their way.

Collapse in the High Street – II

You may remember that, not so long ago, we showed this collapsed cover in the High Street pavement, and that fact that we’d reported it to the county council.

Well, soon afterwards, the cover was ‘protected’ by a cone and what we think is called a ‘ground plate’. A good idea.

More recently, we received TWO responses from the county council: “…we have determined that the required repairs are the responsibility of British Telecom (BT). Surrey Highways have reported the issue to British Telecom (BT) with supporting photographic evidence.” Also, on Wednesday: “We have inspected this location and have now passed this safety problem to our work teams for repair. It will be fixed or made safe within the next 7 days.”

This suggests that there’s a degree of confusion within the council – but at least the damage should be repaired.

Bensons for Beds

We have to admit that we may have been wrong. Recently we suggested that, though the roof of the former Bensons for Beds building had been removed, there would probably be a long wait before anything further happened.

(The sun was in the wrong direction, but we’ve done our best!)

Well, apparently not. Certainly there’s still a lot of activity on the site. As our photo shows, a ‘digger’ was busy loading old masonry into a skip when we walked by the other day.

Laura Ashley meets Prospect

Paul sent us this photo of work underway in the former premises of the Prospect Estate Agents on the corner of the Atrium.

Paul subsequently reported that the wall separating Prospect from the empty former Laura Ashley shop was being removed. He also pointed out that a new ‘poster’ had appeared, advertising the various businesses in the Atrium. These include Taco Bell – which isn’t open yet – “and Robert Goddard ( a fashion retailer – who are also advertising online for staff in Camberley)”

We duly went along and took a photo of the poster. Here it is: