But it’s ticketless parking in Main Square car park…


It’s not easy to photograph the advertising screens in Camberley’s Mall.  But the advertisement above definitely offers a 15% discount ‘when you show your ticket from The Mall car park’.  However, the photo below shows – correctly – that parking is ticketless.


By-the-way, did you know that “Surrey Heath Borough Council has launched a new online method of payment – prePAY Parking – for Knoll Road and Main Square Multi-Storey Car Parks.”  No?  Well, it does seem to be a well-kept secret.  You can find out about it here – http://www.surreyheath.gov.uk/residents/parking/car-parks-charges/prepay-parking As far as we can tell, the scheme doesn’t offer any discount over ‘normal’ parking charges – in which case, as we guess that drivers are ‘billed’ until they actually reach the exit barriers, the scheme is more expensive than using the current pay stations.  Hmm!

Going flat out in the Frimley Road

A planning application was submitted to the borough council several weeks ago to convert the shop at 1 Frimley Road into a flat.  There has been one objection so far – arguing that converting the shop would be a loss of facilities in an area classified by the council as a shopping area.  Which may well be true, but it’s somewhat ironic that several large blocks of flats are in the throes of construction on the opposite side of the road.



Lift out of order – a Camberley tradition?

We spotted this sign in Main Square car park the other day…..


We take great exception to the ‘any inconvenience’ bit of notices like this one.  OF COURSE it’s inconvenient.  It wouldn’t do any harm for the ‘authorities’ to recognise this and apologise for THE inconvenience.  Or is that too much to ask??

(Yes, the lift was still out of order days later.)