Who to blame for the state of the High Street pavements?

We really liked the appearance of the pale-coloured paving in the High Street when it was first installed. But now? It doesn’t do the street any credit.

We’re tempted to ask whether whoever chose it had visited a comparable road after the paving had been in use for a few years. It might have resulted in a different choice.

(One of the measures that’s been used in Los Angeles to tackle the urban ‘heat island’ effect is to put reflective white coatings on the streets and other surfaces. We wonder how long they stay white.)

5 thoughts on “Who to blame for the state of the High Street pavements?

  1. It’s been a while since I visited Camberley but last week I popped into pizza express with the family for a lovely meal.
    After the meal we did a little circuit of the town to, you know, help the food go down, and when we reached the High Street I was instantly struck by how grubby the ground was. I honestly felt a sense of embarrassment as I recalled how fantastically fresh and clean it looked when it was first installed.

    Now.. I wanted to get back inside to the safety of the shopping complex as quickly as possible, as strange as that sounds.

  2. We have friends staying with us soon…..will not be popping into Camberley …too embarrassing .I have emailed the CEO of SHBC , sadly no response yet.

  3. Colouring looked great on all the mock ups, the people responsable of course do not live in the town, so they do not see the end reult of their choice, not many councillors bother to walk round, look, inspect, report the issues in our town centre, why would they shop in Camberley ?

  4. I don’t think it’s a simple as that, Alan. I think that most councillors do their best. But I certainly feel that many of them have limited familiarity with the town centre; I’ve never seen a group of them working together to agree between themselves what’s good and what’s bad. (I imagine that the ‘Villages’ feel the same way.) Being seen in public together wouldn’t do any harm either. They might even include some of the most relevant paid council officers in the group – wow!

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