SHBC – informative as ever!

In view of recent discussion in the Eye about parking on the grass outside High Cross Church, we thought we’d check our facts about Camberley’s Controlled Parking Zone.  (It’s the CPZ that defines when and where you can park in the town.)  So we did the obvious thing, and searched the council’s website.  But the best information we could find was: Now, that wasn’t a lot of use – we wanted to know the ‘when and where’ of parking.  So we had a look at Woking’s website.  The good news is that we found a map with the details.  The bad news is that the map was of central Woking.  Which means that, if you’re in Camberley and you didn’t read the signs as you entered the town, it’s tough luck.  You’ll have to risk that you get it right.

Tough luck as well if you’re thinking of visiting Camberley and would like to have the information in advance.  There’s no way of finding out, as far as we know.

Yet more vandalism??

Robert Dyas is the latest shop to have apparently suffered from vandalism.  It’s SO frustrating.

You might wonder whether the CCTV cameras around the town would be of use in identifying the culprits (assuming that there ARE culprits).  But, as was pointed out to us the other day, the ‘police camera’ on the corner of the former Bensons for Beds building nearly opposite Dyas has been removed.  However, the new post for a camera on the corner by the Halifax building remains protected by bubble-wrap, and it’s camera-less.  How wonderful!

The Eye does pass through Frimley Green!

For a long time we’ve been aware of the four-year battle over the proposal to install traffic lights in Frimley Green.  But the village is way outside Camberley, of course so we’ve said nothing here.  However, we’ve just been sent a press release by local protesters, and, if you’re one of those Camberley residents who regularly drives through the village and would like to know more, you can find the press release on the protester’s Facebook page.  Just click on the picture below.

“The Square shopping centre’s refurbishment is now complete”

Our title repeats the council’s text in the latest ‘Heathscene’.  We’ve read it several times in recent weeks in disbelief.  Does the council ever visit Cambridge Square?  There are holes in the ceiling – with things dangling down –  and raw broken concrete where pillars have been removed, there’s an obvious join between old and new floor tiles (some of the old ones are missing too).  The decorative panelling is decidedly grubby – this has become more apparent now that there’s a fresh look elsewhere in the mall.

To be fair, we don’t think the council has ever published detailed plans for refurbishing Cambrldge Square.  So does it realise that the square is the first and last thing that visitors coming by car ever see – and what they’ll mainly remember?  Does it realise that  ‘first impressions count’?

(Note, our photos were taken some days ago when a young couple had just pointed out the unfinished appearance to us.  They, too, complained about the council’s Heathscene statement.  We don’t think there’s been any improvement since then, but let us know if there has been.)