Cambridge Hotel disappearing from sight

New hoarding was being installed around the Cambridge Hotel when we took our first photo, below, the other day. (No, we didn’t notice the wood-screw slap bang in the picture! We were holding the camera above our head…)

Probably the view will be very different when we’re next able to see the hotel from the same position.

We guess that the original brick chimneys – undoubtedly the best in the town centre – have been demolished rather than preserved. One day we may show a photograph of them.

La’De Kitchen – just testing?

When we walked past the former Frankie and Bennie’s restaurant in the Atrium the other evening, the ‘Bar Open’ sign in the window was shining brightly. But we think it was just being tested, for the restaurant – about to become the La’De Kitchen, offering Greek and Italian cuisine – really didn’t look ready for business. We guess it soon will be, though.