And so to bed….

We have a confession to make.  We’d expected the makeover of Princess Way to somehow eliminate the slope from one side of the walkway to the other.  This was the impression that we’d formed from the artist’s impressions of the new scheme.

However, we now realise that those impressions were of the view from near the High Street end of Princess Way, where the walkway IS fairly level.  But if you walk from there to the entrance of The Square, the slope is more sigificant.  And the new scheme DOESN’T eliminate it – it disguises it with these fairly massive flower beds/seats.  We imagine that eventually there’ll be a few steps from one side to the other in strategic places.


We’re fortunate enough not to need to use a ‘pavement buggy’.  But if we did depend on one, we might be glad of these charging points in The Square.  How long have they been there? – we only noticed them a week or two ago.

Of course, if you’re completely dependent on your buggy (which we really ought to call a mobility scooter * ), you’ve got no option but to sit there while it charges.  Though that could be a lot better than nothing.

* we can’t help but add that, if you search the internet for a definition of ‘scooter’, you’ll see that most descriptions say that a scooter is a two-wheeled, or, in extremis, a three-wheeled device.  Maybe we’re generally right in referring to ‘buggy’ after all!

Don’t hang about when you cross Portesbery Road

If you’re quick on your feet, it’s probably not TOO difficult to cross Portesbery Road at its junction with the High Street.  You don’t have much time to see approaching traffic, though.

But what if you’re driving a little ‘pavement scooter’, or having to use a walking aid?  It seems like an accident waiting to happen.  We can understand why a construction site wants as much room as possible, and why it wants to operate away from prying eyes.  However, in this case, surely a wire security fence is the only safe option?

It’s worth noting that there’s a condition in the planning approval for the development.  It says: “No development shall take place until a Method of Construction Statement….has been submitted, to include details of…. provision of boundary hoarding ….Reason: The condition above is required in order that the development should not prejudice highway safety… nor cause inconvenience to other highway users”  The applicant now claims that this condition has been met.  Really?

Hays Travel – Princess Way branch closed

It’s sad that these days it’s easy to overlook ‘yet another’ closed shop.  We’d  spotted that there was no-one in Hays Travel on the corner of the High Street and Princess Way, but we’d not read the notice in the window, or looked at the Hays Travel website.  We’ve now done so, and the shop seems have closed permanently.

It’s doubly-sad as it’s only eighteen months since we happily reported that Hays had taken over the branch from Thomas Cook.

Vegetables on the move

The title of this post has more than a hint of ‘The Day of the Triffids’ about it. But it simply refers to the fact that Mr Emment’s Fine Fruit and Vegetables Emporium now has a permanent roof over its head.  It’s moved into the recently-emptied Motion shop in Obelisk Way.  We need more independent retailers in the town – perhaps this is the start of a welcome trend.