SHBC and cycle parking – Part 2

Would you cycle up the steep spiral entry ramp to the Atrium car park?  We wouldn’t (and with a road bike, we probably couldn’t!).

Hwever, according to the council’s website, “You may also wish cycling into town. Bike parking stations are in Main Square car park, Park Street and THE ATRIUM’S CAR PARK”

The public car park in the Atrium is, of course, on the first floor and above.  And the only way we know for the public to access it – apart from using a lift or the escalator – is up this ramp.  What are we missing?  It wouldn’t cross our mind that the council might have got it wrong.


SHBC and cycle parking – Part 1

Today is the first installment of a two-part story about the borough council and cycle stands.

For many years we have pointed out that our ‘green’ borough council has provided only trivial facilities for cyclists visiting the council offices.  Indeed, unless you knew that there were two ‘secret’ cycle stands round the corner, you either had to lean your bike against the wall of the building, or, more enterprisingly, padlock it to a rubbish bin.


But no more.  There are now some brand new cycle stands available.  We believe that the impetus for these has come from Cllr McClafferty – the council Leader – so full marks to him..

Anyone want to hire the station?

We’ve received the following information via Voluntary Support North Surrey. (Many thanks, VSNS):

“Community Rail Network and South Western Railway would like to find community uses for otherwise redundant spaces on SWR stations.

“We have been asked to let you know about details of a space which is available at Camberley station. It has a small kitchen and a second separate meeting/office room, as well as some storage space. It could be made available to any voluntary (not for profit) group or organisation who are looking for accommodation and would like to take it on, with a lease cost that reflects community (rather than commercial) use.

“There is more detail about the project on South Western Railway’s website:

“If you are interested and would like more details please can you contact:

“Daniel Wright, Community Rail Support Officer.

Today’s rare photo quiz – the answer

Earlier today, we asked where the first photo in this post was taken.

The answer – full marks to anyone who managed to work it out – was that the heron was on the theatre roof.  It was probably attracted by the small pond next to the Ian Goodchild Centre, although it had its back to the pond when we photographed it.

We can’t think of any other body of water in the town centre that would attract a heron.  Or are we wrong?


A garden to be proud of – not!

You remember the derelict ‘Hoover Spares’ building that used to be next to Bissingen Way, between the High Street and Knoll Road.  It was demolished quite a while ago, and an area was fenced off.  It always seemed a rather pointless exercise.

More recently, it has seemed even more pointless, as some of the fencing had to be removed so that vehicles could manoeuvre around it.  (Access via the High Street had been blocked by the roadworks.)

It now just looks an untidy mess.  It’s not a lot better than, and a lot less interesting than, the Hoover Spares building!