Rotisserie Corner – the good news

Better late than never – we’re happy to report that our concern that Rotisserie Corner in Park Street wouldn’t be re-opening was wrong.  As you can just about see from this photo that we took a week ago, ‘waspy’ tape has been stuck on the paving outside the restaurant so that click and collect customers can keep a safe distance.  It’s good to see that the restaurant is still in operation.


Are the councils promoting illegal cycling?

This item appeared on Facebook a day or two ago.

It’s just as well that the ‘advertisement’ doesn’t make any explicit reference to cycling on the road, as the cycle that’s shown is illegal for road use.  It doesn’t have a front brake.  Also, strictly, the wording used by the borough council is a misquote of the Highway Code: As any internet user can find out, according to rule 63 of the Highway Code, cyclists should use cycle lanes “when practicable”.  This isn’t the same as ‘where possible’, so SHBC is re-writing the law!.

It’s a matter of common courtesy to give way to walkers and wheelchair users.  And it’s probably a matter of personal safety to give way to a horse and rider.  But would the council give the same instructions to car drivers?  And, if not, why not?

SHBC committees – who’ll chair them?

A point that’s being made at present at the national level is that Government ministers, who were chosen for their ability to manage Brexit and its consequences, are having to handle the impact of ‘the virus’ instead.  Some ministers are ill-suited for this very different role.

A rather similar situation arises in local government.  Borough councillors are elected – in principle, at least – for their ability to represent the electorate.  But they find themselves on committees, and sometimes leading committees, although they may not always have the necessary skills.

Anyway, that’s how the system works, so we have to live with it.

The council meeting tonight has only a few agenda items.  One of these is to choose the next mayor – a decision almost certainly already made.  But, less-settled, at least in public, is the exercise of deciding the chair, vice-chair and membership of: the Planning Applications Committee, the Licensing Committee, the External Partnerships Select Committee, the Performance & Finance Scrutiny Committee, the Audit & Standards Committee and the Employment Committee.  These appointments will last for the next year.

A key question is whether the leadership of these bodies will be dominated by the Conservatives (still the largest party in the council) as the result of ‘political’ manoeuvring, or whether chairs will be chosen on the basis of suitable skills and experience.  We hope that it will be the latter.

(Yes, our photo is an old one of a full council meeting.  Council meetings are being held on-line at the moment, so it’s more than a bit difficult to photograph them!)

Pallets of Paving

Terry has sent us this photo of the High Street (many thanks, Terry).  He suggests that the pallets contain new pavers.

Looking closely at Terry’s photo, the ‘crates’ seem to be two different heights.  That could be just one of those things, or it could be that some of the pavers are for the roadway, and others for the pavement?

Bedding plants – profits to Frimley Health Charity

Halfway up (or halfway down) Church Hill these notices have appeared on a fence.  We don’t think they’ve been there very long, and we don’t know how long they’re going to stay.  But if you’re looking for bedding plants and would like to to help a good cause at the same time, it might be worth investigating.

If you can’t read the contact details, they’re 01276 681716 and

Loo quest

‘Take-away’ coffee is now available from more places than a few weeks ago.  But drinking coffee has an inevitable consequence.

Where, in Camberley, are there public loos where visitors can maintain social distancing?  Does The Square have plans to ensure that shoppers can part with their coffees safely?  Shopping can’t return to ‘normal’ until that’s possible.

(Our photo shows decidedly-more spacious facilities than are available in The Square.  But we don’t know where it was taken, or who took it.  But we’ll give credit to the photographer if anyone can tell us who they are.)