Who does the council think it’s kidding?

In the last few days there’s been considerable discussion in Facebook about the urinary nature of the principal stairs in Camberley’s Main Square car park.  And yesterday we took these photos showing that the large passenger lift was out of action (it had been for several days, we believe) and that a pay-machine (we think, ALL the pay-machines) was not accepting payment by credit card.

Now we’ve heard senior borough council representatives say that they want the Mall to attract ‘quality’ stores with ‘quality’ customers.  In practice, they’re encouraging cash-only customers who don’t mind having to use pissy – and damaged – stairs.

What caused the damage?

The entrance to the lifts that used to descend from Main Square car park to BHS has been boarded-up for some while.  But  some of the temporary wooden doors seemed recently to have been ripped from their supports.  It must have taken quite a lot of force to do this;  was it vandalism, or was it necessary as a prelude to redeveloping the building.  Or was it ‘simply’ the wind?

UPDATE – the damage (if that’s what it was) has been repaired, and we may never know what it was all about.  But, while we’re talking about level 3A of Main Square car park, it’s vaguely interesting to note that metal security doors have just been fitted over the secondary entrance to Ashwood House.  That seems a bit belated – similar doors were fitted quite a while to other entrances to the building.

Involving residents…..

The Town Centre Statement of 2014 says “Consultation will form a critical part of the work to regenerate the town centre. This will help to inform and provide direction, ensuring we are meeting residents’ needs.  The success of this strategy is grounded on residents whole-heartedly supporting the improvements proposed and working with developers to make each project the best it can possibly be. Surrey Heath Borough Council is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be engaged in the development of these proposals.”

It’s therefore somewhat ironic to note that this week’s meetings of the borough’s full council and executive will consider: “[An] update on town centre acquisitions, and [a] proposal to invest in the refurbishment of the Mall Camberley shopping centre”, but that the public will be excluded from these discussions.

Of course, there will be good reasons for excluding us residents….  Not that we’re entirely convinced by the explanation given by the council in this case – but that’s another story.

Outrageous behaviour in the High Street

Traffic was banned from the High Street on Saturday morning, in preparation for the Carnival at mid-day.  And, do you know, people were wandering all over the road, enjoying the experience.  One couple was even holding hands in the middle of the street.  Thank goodness this doesn’t happen too often.  We must be grateful that the council has never carried out its thirty-year-old plans to turn the High Street into a pedestrian-friendly area;  we don’t want shoppers spending too much time in the borough’s principal town. (Bizarrely, we think we’ve heard councillors say the opposite.)

Camberley Carnival – a reminder, and more

Today – Saturday – is Camberley Carnival day.  So the High Street, and some roads leading to/from it, will be closed.

But for how long does the closure last?  As one of the High Street notices that we’ve photographed says, parking is banned for twenty four hours between 4:00am and 1:00pm.  (Look carefully, the arithmetic seems dubious, but that’s what it says.)

And, as the other notice that we’ve photographed advises, if you want further information, you should contact “Surrey Heath County Council”.  Of course, there’s no such body;  Surrey Heath has yet to become a county!(By the way, the Eye rarely reports on events in the town.  There’s no point in competing with umpteen official and unofficial cameras or smart phones.  So we don’t even try.  Only if something turns out to be particularly relevant to the Eye will we be saying anything further.  In the meantime, we hope that the carnival is a great success.)

Completing the story

You might just about remember that the other day we posted a picture of a litter bin on the A30 that had a smashed and scruffy concrete base.  We suggested that the sight wasn’t exactly compatible with a ‘Top 100’ town.  Well, full marks to those responsible for keeping the town’s streets clean;  the paving slabs on which the bin sits have been replaced.  It’s hardly the most exciting news of the year, but the Eye is often critical of the borough council (justifiably!), so it’s a pleasure to be able to say something positive for a change.


Authenticated Memorabilia – we’re worried

Authenticated Memorabilia closed its business in the Mall some months ago.  When it left, it put this notice on the shop’s shutters:


But April has come and gone.  So has May.  June is almost halfway through.  But the new destination doesn’t look ready for occupation, and we’ve not seen any work going on to prepare it lately.  We’ve not found out anything more from the Memco website (http://memcouk.com/) so we hope that everything is ok.