Self-assembly ventilation ducting

We spotted these items in the Park Street service area the other day.  They’re so shiny that we guess that they’re new, and that they are parts of a modified ventilation system for The Square – though we might be wrong.  What struck us was that there must be some prescribed way of putting everything together.  Along the lines of flat-pack assembly instructions; ‘insert Part A into Part B and tighten using the supplied spanner….’

It’s somewhat embarrassing to admit that it’s only while looking at this photograph that we’ve become fully aware of the multi-coloured brickwork at the back of the Carson’s building.  It’s good to see some careful architectural details in the town, even if we have been walking around with our eyes only half open.

Narrow entrances for slim people?

We mentioned the other day that Rob had written to us saying that the rear entrances to the relocated bus shelters were pretty inacessible for some users.  We’ve walked that way with our camera and we reckon that this is what he means:

It’s pretty obvious that wheelchairs and pushchairs would have difficulty in negotiating the back of the shelter.  But does the rear entrance serve any useful purpose anyway, when there are also two at the front?  The Eye doesn’t use buses in Camberley, so can a bus-user tell us?

Jack Wills – stocking up

Walking past the about-to-be Jack Wills shop in Main Square early yesterday evening, we saw that stock was being hung up on rails and laid out on shelves.  So the grand opening must be soon!  We grabbed just a quick photo to record the position

FOOTNOTE.  Because we’ve had complaints about the poor-quality advertisements inserted by others in our blog, we’ve paid good money to get them removed.  We hope the pain is worth the gain!

Car park level 3 without a mark on it!

We took this photo through the wired glass window in a door opening on to level 3 in Main Square car park at the weekend.  (There was no entry through the door while work was underway.)  The picture shows a blemish-free pale-coloured surface, presumably waiting for parking bays and walk-ways to be marked on it.  It looked good.  Let’s hope the whole car park is up and running soon.  Christmas shoppers need it!

Gambling starts small

A few days ago we reported that the council was considering starting a local lottery.  We had some reservations, not on principle, but because some people find it difficult to control their gambling.  But we do want to support initiatives that help good causes.

Simon has commented: “Plenty of evidence to suggest that problem gambling starts small. There’s a seminar led by someone who learned the hard way here in Camberley on 25 October:

We don’t know what the seminar will cover.  But maybe the council executive should pop along to St Pauls and take part before making any decision.  It would only mean a delay of ten days or so and could lead to a more robust outcome.

New bus stops

Oops – we first posted this on Sunday, but it was meant for Monday morning.  Apologies!

We like the openness of the modified pavement in Pembroke Broadway.  Though, thinking about it, we wonder why the bus shelters are set so far back from the kerb.  It means that, in the rain, passengers will get wet when about to board a bus.  Presumably there’s a good reason.

And, you never know, if the shelters had been further forward, there might have been room for a cycle lane behind them.  We’re urged to get on our bikes, of course, but there’s no cycle lane running all the way between Park Street and the High Street either here or along the A30.  A lost opportunity perhaps?

An open invitation to the council

Many of our two and a half thousand followers won’t be surprised that some members of the borough council – and we’re talking about council officers AND councillors here – have a low opinion of the Eye.  We suspect that these critics don’t often read what we write, and their belief that the Eye is always negative is probably based on perception rather than on fact.

So, we’ve just looked back at what we’ve written over the last couple of months.  Roughly ninety percent of the time the Eye’s posts haven’t related to the borough council at all.  But our record for the remaining ten percent is not altogether happy.  We’ve criticised the borough council (with evidence and photographs, of course) about twice as often as we’ve praised it (again with evidence and photographs).

Hence this invitation.  If any member of the council thinks any future criticism that we write is unjustified, just send the Eye a short statement explaining why, and we’ll publish their words with an apology.  And, if any member thinks we’ve overlooked an opportunity – within the scope of the Eye’s commentary – to praise, again just send us something suitable and we’ll publish that.

But back to the matter in hand.  Because of resurfacing work, lots of parking spaces in Main Square car park are out of action at the moment.  That’s unavoidable.  However, you would have thought that the car park owner – the council – would have made sure that all other potential spaces were accessible.  Which wasn’t the case yesterday.  A couple of our photos show cones that had been blocking access to several parking spaces – but which a motorist had just removed, ignoring the signs on them, in order to park.  We spoke to him (we’ve deliberately not shown him or his car), and he said that he had been driving round and round looking for a space, and he wasn’t very happy.  We assume that what he said was correct.

The council might argue that the cones and tape were necessary to warn motorists about the damaged grating.  We would argue that there has been plenty of time to repair the damage – our third photo was taken in July, two months after the damage had occurred.  Given the shortage of parking spaces in the key Christmas shopping period, why hasn’t the relatively straightforward repair work been carried out by now?