A rather hazardous paint job

It’s good to see the Atrium keeping smart with a new coat of paint.  But we were less impressed recently by the precautions to keep pedestrians out of harm’s way.  Unless walkers thought ahead, they could find themselves standing in the middle of the roundabout trying to work out a safe route.  (Yes, the Eye wasn’t thinking ahead…)  What’s more, when we finally got past, we watched a young lady, also on foot, going in the opposite direction.  She by-passed the simple barrier blocking the footpath, and continued along the footpath, walking directly under the painters.  We don’t think she even noticed them.

Highway Code – a quiz by popular demand

Today we’re showing four photographs (we were urged to do so yesterday…).

The first photo shows a sign by the High Street entrance to The Square.  The second photo shows a sign on the other side of the road from the first.  We reckon that, though the signs are different for some reason, they convey the same message.  Do you agree?

The third photo shows the parking bay adjacent to the first sign.  You can clearly see that it has a single yellow line next to the kerb.  The final picture shows the parking bay on the other side of the road.  It was a bit difficult to photograph as there were vehicles parked on it, but you can probably see that there’s no yellow line in the bay itself.  So why is there a yellow line in one case, but not in the other??  More to the point, would a stranger parking in the street know why??

A blocked drain in Park Street

The other day we saw a collection of vehicles in Park Street.  It was pretty obvious that they were attending to a drain in the road.  (Not least, one of the vehicles had ‘Drain diagnostics and repair’ painted on the front of its cab!)  Anyway, the work was finished by lunch-time.

Yes – we do know that drains aren’t the most exciting of subjects…. But it’s a challenge to find much happening in the town at the moment.  Work on The Square doesn’t seem to have re-started after Christmas (has the money run out??).  Some of the lighting in Main Square car park has been upgraded, but the signs closing off some of the parking bays to enable the work to proceed haven’t made an appearance lately, so there’s not much more to be said on this topic – though we might have to come back to it again.

Sending messages by wire?

In the days when the telegraph was THE means of communicating electrically over long distances, users used to talk about sending messages ‘by wire’.  Which has nothing to do with today’s subject!  At least, nothing other than the fact that Camberley used to advertise events by hanging publicity banners on wires across the High Street.  But that stopped a decade or more ago.  However, it’s just possible that the practice is returning;  we spotted a wire across the road the other day, and we’re pretty sure it used not to be there.

If you look VERY closely at our photograph, you may just about be able to see the wire.  Look for the McDonalds’ ‘M’ on the first floor; the wire stretches across the road from the sunny side of the building, just above the sign.

If we are seeing the return of banners across the street, we’re all in favour of that.  Even in these internet days it’s a common complaint that ‘I didn’t know about that – where was it publicised?’  An eye-catching banner is by far the best way of attracting attention.

They shall not pass

The heading of this item reflects the narrowness of the pedestrian walkway that’s been created alongside the hoarding around the Ashwood House building site.  We seriously doubt whether two prams – or electric pavement buggies, or wheelchairs – going in opposite directions could pass each other.  What are the rules – who has to reverse?

(Or are we wrong.  Has anyone with, or on, four wheels managed to get pass someone similarly equipped?)

Orthodontist update

Last summer we reported that a planning application had been submitted to set up an orthodontic practice in the High Street. It was proposed that this should be in the former Burger King restaurant.

Nina – thanks, Nina – has just sent us this photo of the premises showing that the application is turning into reality.  The orthodontist will be “Coming soon”.

Adult Learning/Adult Education

The adult education facilities in Firwood Drive were re-named the Adult Learning Centre by the county council quite a few years ago.  (We’re not sure exactly when.)   Isn’t it time that the county council updated its road sign to reflect the change?

Yet again we make the point that a sign with incorrect information is of limited use, at best, and sometimes they’re worse than no sign at all.  But, somehow, we don’t expect this one to be changed any time soon.  Hard luck, visitors – the rest of us don’t need local signs anyway.


We’ve heard of a stamp collection

We can see the problem that developers face.  How NOT to refer to a ‘block of flats’ – which is a rather uninspired description, after all.  The answer that we’ve seen a few times recently is to use the expression ‘A collection of homes’.  As is the case with the block of flats being built on the former Working Men’s Club in Obelisk Way.