Windows clear, and windows obscure

We didn’t mention it at the time, but perhaps a couple of months ago the windows of the former Benson for Beds shop were ‘whitewashed’.  Which contrasts with the former Stacks shop a little further along the High Street.  Its windows have been obscured for years;  at least, that was the case until recently when it became possible to see inside the building.


Your speed will be monitored…

If you drive along Church Hill – in either direction – your speed will be noted by this new grey box on the northern side of the road.  It’s not a ‘speed camera’, but it will be recording all traffic ‘anonymously’.  Statisticians (including former statisticians!) will be interested to know that it calculates the 85th percentile speed automatically.  And, a quick internet search reveals : 85th percentile” speed is a speed at which 85% of traffic will be travelling at, or below, along a street or road (under free flow conditions). It’s typically associated with the setting of speed limits, and (more controversially) often used as an argument against lowering them, or enforcing limits.

The Eye quite often walks along the fairly narrow pavements on Church Hill.  We don’t know what the actual speed of traffic that passes us is, but it can be alarming.  An error of a few feet and the Eye would be squashed irreversibly.  We’re all in favour of lowering the speed on that bit of road – and of enforcing the limit.  Drivers, if you disagree, just get out and try walking there during a busy time.

Chief executive’s ‘pay rise’ – and more.

A progress report:

Last night the council voted on the following matter: “At its meeting on 13 October 2010, the Council appointed Mrs Karen Whelan, Chief Executive, as the Returning Officer and the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO). The Council will be aware that the Chief Executive is currently on an extended period of leave….. The Council can choose to appoint Mr Richard Payne, or another officer considered appropriate, as Returning Officer for an interim period until the Chief Executive returns to the office.”  We didn’t attend the meeting, but we have little doubt that the appointment was agreed.

In the meantime, we have heard from the Information Commissioner’s Office. (We complained to the ICO about the council’s refusal to reveal its procedures for granting a pay rise to the Chief Executive) :

“Dear Mr Chesneau

“Your ref: council procedures

“Your information request to Surrey Heath Borough Council

“Thank you for your correspondence of 24 October 2019 in which you make a complaint about the above public authority’s handling of your request for information.

“Your complaint has been accepted as eligible for further consideration and will be allocated to a case officer as soon as possible.

“We aim to deal with complaints in chronological order and, because of the number of complaints we are required to deal with, there may be a delay in allocating your case. Where possible and appropriate your case may be accelerated. Once your case is allocated to an officer they will contact you to explain how your complaint will be progressed.”

Hancock’s – is it part of the action

Yesterday we showed a photo of the former Hoxon Bar, which is being pressed into service for the Camberley Food Festival this weekend.  But we didn’t mention that the hanging lights in the windows of the former Hancock’s American Restaurant, the other side of Park Street, were switched on.

The interior of the restaurant still seemed to retain the debris of its former tenant, so it would need quite a lot of cleaning before it could be used as part of the festival, but maybe this is the plan.  We may see when the festival opens later today.

White linen in the Hoxon

If you walked past the former Hoxon Bar in Obelisk Way yesterday, you might have noticed that the lights were on inside.  Tables in the window were boasting table-cloths and most (all?) of the Hoxon furniture had been removed.

Why was this?  Well, according to the council’s Facebook page “You can also enjoy a quality dining experience in a pop up restaurant in the former Hoxon Bar from 6 Nov until 9 Nov. Hosted by Adam Lestrelle.”  This, of course, will be part of Camberley’s Food Festival.



Cranes come and go

You’ll remember that the planned closure of Pembroke Broadway in October – presumably to allow the installation of a tower crane on the Ashwood House site – didn’t take place.  But we guess that it’ll happen at some point.  A mobile crane was next to the building yesterday; is it there to erect the ‘overdue’ tower crane? 

(Yes, we know that this isn’t a news item to quicken the pulse very much.  But there’s little of great excitement to be seen in the town centre at the moment.  As we like cranes – and have been know to write an item for a different blog about when to use horizontal vs luffing cranes – that’s what we’re showing today….  Sorry!)

Talking about new shops….

We spotted the other day that the Clever Cactus – winner of The Square’s recent ‘Be Independent’ pop-up shop competition – was getting ready to open in Prince of Wales Walk.  The Clever Cactus has a website (of course);  you’ll find it here (As always, apologies FB readers, you might not see the website address for a few hours.)  We THINK the Clever Cactus is based not far from Farnborough North station, but do let us know if we’ve got that wrong.