Another shop closes….

We were alerted very recently to the forthcoming closure of Millets in the High Street.  Mike sent us this photo, which reinforces the – probably sad – news.


Look – no hands. (No handles, actually)

If you’ve pushed your way through the entrances and exits to The Square lately, you’ll have noticed something missing: the handles on the doors.  Presumably they’ve been removed for a bit of re-varnishing.  They needed it.

Now you see them – above.  Now you don’t – below!

Now you don’t s

No Big Macs for a month II

Apologies, but there’s some sort of problem with WordPress/Facebook which means that posts from one to the another don’t seem to work properly at the moment. So we’re having to post this again. As yesterday, we’re sorry for the duplication.


Rachel kindly sent us this photo of a notice in Camberley McDonald’s window. Alerted by her, we’ve added a second photo of our own.

Something worth shouting about

We received the following text and photo a couple of days ago.  It’s good to see that community spirit is alive in local businesses.

On Friday 02 February Specsavers Camberley turned from a sea of green to a sea of orange as staff supported Go Orange Day for the Help 4 Harry campaign and Muscular Dystrophy UK. From orange hoodies to bright t-shirts, the staff really got behind the initiative to bring much needed awareness to fight this muscle-wasting disease. It is a little known fact that over 70,000 people in the UK live with these often life-limiting conditions.

Camberley was adorned in bright orange balloons given to children throughout the town and many conversations were had with members of the public as to what ‘Go Orange for a Day’ was all about.

Lateef Iqbal, Director at the Camberley store said “Turning the store Orange for a Day was a fantastic way to help Harry and highlight Muscular Dystrophy. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed raising funds on the day. I look forward to helping Harry raise money for a much-needed vehicle and wheelchair in April”

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Yet more scaffolding!

Scaffolding has appeared outside – and above – Jacks, the High Street barbers.  We spoke to someone whom we think was part of the scaffolding company, and he told us that us that the roof was being repaired.  We got the impression that it was minor stuff – replacement of tiles and so on.  However, the scaffolding goes over the roof and down the other side, so the job seems to be rather bigger than we thought.  What’s more, as is often the case with scaffolding installations in town, we’ve never seen any work actually underway.  When we last looked a few days ago, the scaffolding was just sitting there, unloved!

Arena – a leisure centre in more ways than one

We last wrote an item about the replacement of Arena over three years ago.  An update is overdue, so we’ve added a final statement to the following quotations from the borough council.


2006 borough council Corporate Plan, key priority: “Develop a replacement strategy for the Arena within the Camberley area by April 2008”.

April 2008: “At a meeting of the council’s executive last month, members considered a report that recommended the funding of a feasibility study into options available to the council for the future use of the civic area east of Knoll Road, in addition to delivering a replacement for the Arena Leisure Centre.”

End 2011: “A taskforce is to be assembled to look at all options for the future of the Arena Leisure Centre when the current contract runs out [in 2016]”

July 2014: “Options for the future of this facility are being investigated with an opportunity to redevelop the site into a state-of-the-art leisure centre, currently being explored. Surrey Heath Borough Council Executive will consider investment options to refurbish or redevelop the facility.”

Dec 2014 : “Strategic Objective: Renew the leisure centre.”

Dec 2016: “In order to ensure that any procurement process undertaken complies with the procurement regulations and that the Council has sufficient time to consider all options available, undertake purposeful consultation, properly consider value for money and decide on the very best way forward, the process will start now with the aim of delivering a new contract with the building completed by April 2019.”

January 2018 on-line Q&A session: A contract to design, build, operate and maintain [a new] Arena will be finalised in March 2019.


So, it’s taking thirteen years from identifying the key priority to awarding a contract. That’s leisurely progress indeed.


Herbal medicines – without a sign

The herbal medicines shop in the High Street seems to have lost the sign over its window.  We feared the worst – but the lights were on inside when we took our second photo a few days ago, so perhaps it’s just work in progress.

(We’ve never really peered inside the shop before.  But we have to say that it looks quite inviting.)