What happens to your personal information

This blog is provided by David Chesneau under the name ‘Camberley Eye’. The blog is hosted by WordPress.com, which is owned by Automattic.

Followers of the blog – ie those who have clicked on Follow this Blog – are required to provide their e-mail address, but no other information. E-mail addresses supplied in this way are used by David Chesneau/the blog solely for the purpose of distributing future blog posts.

Anyone adding a comment to a blog post must provide an e-mail address as part of the process. This is visible to David Chesneau but is not made public nor used for any purpose other than to identify the author. The comment itself is placed in the public domain for the life of the blog.

If you contribute a post to the blog, your post – if published – will be treated in the same way as posts written by the Eye.  It will be available publicly for the life of the blog.

Blog posts may be copied to other social media platforms, such as Facebook

E-mail addresses and comments are retained for the life of the blog. Anyone wanting their e-mail address and/or specific comment(s) to be deleted, or to ‘un-follow’ the blog, at any time, should follow this link and provide the relevant details.

Automattic collects additional data. Information can be found HERE.