Another gym in town?

A planning application has been submitted for the ‘Hart Cars building’ on the corner of the High Street.  The request is for a “Change of use of 2nd floor from A2 (Financial and Professional Services) to D2 (Assembly & Leisure) (Martial Arts Gym).”

We imagine that, if the application is approved, the entrance to the gym will be through the doorway on the left-hand edge of the photograph, sharing access with other residents in the building….

Information overload

How many visiting drivers would realise that the two signs in this photo (taken near the theatre in Knoll Road), which both show parking to the left, actually refer to just one car park?

Of course, if a visitor thinks that the upper sign means turn left at some point beyond the roundabout, and they’ll find parking there, they’re in for a disappointment.  Still, who cares what visitors think……  (Note to borough council.  Visitors might Be Irritated.  Why not ask the county council to sort the signs out?)

Rubbish! – Community Recycling Centres

We all know that the county council has been considering cutting back on local ‘tips’ to save money.  Camberley isn’t immune from this.

However, at a county council meeting at the end of January, it was decided:

“a.That the CRCs located at Bagshot, Cranleigh, Dorking and Warlingham be retained until 30 September 2019, but restrict their use to accepting recycling materials only.

“b. During this period assess whether different models for operating and funding these four CRCs could achieve the same saving as closing them. If that service cannot be achieved then proceed with their closure on 1 October 2019.

“c. In the event that the four CRCs close, extend the opening hours of Camberley, Caterham and Leatherhead CRCs from six days per week to seven days per week.”

This means that, for much of 2019, Bagshot residents will have to drive to the Camberley ‘tip’ to dispose of their non-recyclables.  Afterwards, they may have to drive to Camberley to dispose of ‘everything’.  Which they’ll be able to do – no doubt joyfully, on Sundays…..

Parking suspension – the sequel…

The other day we posted an item about the suspension of parking in Main Square car park.  It seems that access to the lights above the bays concerned was needed in order to upgrade them.

We’ve no quarrel with that.  However, on 13th March LAST year, the council announced:

Main Square car park  

“Works will be taking place through the spring and summer months this year to improve this car park. 

“New LED lights will be fitted, to provide a more efficient and energy effective lighting solution. 

“Parking levels 1 – 3 and the spiral exit will be resurfaced. 

“The stairwells will be refurbished and improvements made to the ventilation to prevent damp and moisture. “

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that NONE of this was achieved during the target of the ‘spring and summer months’ last year.  Car park resurfacing was largely finished by the end of the year, though it did run on into January 2019.  Work on new lighting (correction, a new ‘lighting solution’ – ugh) has just started, but – regrettably – there’s no sign yet of any stairwell refurbishing.  We’ve been promised that for years, but nothing actually happens.  If the council office occupants had to use Main Square car park, rather than their own dedicated car park, perhaps there’d be more progress?


Stacks – it was worth the wait. Just!

It was pointed out to us a few days ago that the scaffolding in front of the former Stacks shop in the High Street had been removed.  It’s been there for something like two years, and it’s been a real nuisance during that time.

It’s not immediately obvious what has taken two years.  As we’ve written before, progress has sometimes seemed slow, or even non-existent.  But the end result is that, apart from the facade, the building has been virtually replaced.  What we particularly like is the tile work on the gable.  It seems to have been cleaned, and it’s now quite an asset.    (We’re showing here a photo from 2016 as well as one taken in the recent snow.  You can just about see the improvement.)

It’s a bit of a pity that the ridge tiles are now somewhat basic.  And the window sills still need a lot of TLC.  However, that gable is worth looking at.

No sign about the notices

Can you make out what the yellow notices in this photo say?  You may be able to read ‘Parking Suspension’, ‘WARNING’, No Waiting, No Loading, No Parking.. 24 Hours’  – and if you can, you’re in good company because no-one has parked in front of them.

However, stuck on the notices is a message on white paper which says that the restriction applies overnight, only.  You did see that as well, didn’t you???

Of course, any driver looking where they’re going won’t have been able to read that message.  How daft.  The problem would have been ‘solved’ if the same information had been on a notice by the entrance barriers – where drivers have to stop anyway.  But it wasn’t.  Still, what the heck.  Who cares.  Presumably the owners of the car park don’t.  They want us to “Be Inspired”, but they make us ‘Be Enraged’.

Shop closures – but not particularly unexpected

A couple of shops in The Square have closed or say that they will be closing.  Neither case is much of a surprise.  Indeed, ‘Off the Grid’ was only ever intended to stay open until the end of January.  And ‘First Home Choice’ seemed to us to have always had the air of a shop that wasn’t expecting to be a permanent feature in the town.

An accident waiting to happen…

Yesterday was cold!  So we had head well down and hands deep in pockets when we rounded the corner at the top of Park Street.  And we very nearly went slap bang into an open window.  Here it is.  It was being cleaned inside at the time and, we think, rather more open than shown in our picture.  (We had to stop and dig our camera out, so there was a bit of a delay before taking this photo.)

Now we remember our schooldays in the gas-light era when ground-floor windows overlooking the playground were screwed shut to prevent nasty head/glass collisions. So why are such accidents still allowed to happen?  Who approved the design of the converted building (yes, we know the answer).

The odd thing is that we’ve had no problems walking round this corner before.  So we’ve resorted to Google Maps for an old image to find out what’s different.  And the answer seems to be – a litter bin!

So, a request to the borough council.  Please impose a retrospective planning condition that insists on the litter bin being replace.  Or, more seriously, DO find a way of making the situation safe.  If we’d been running round the corner, we’d probably have ended up in A&E.