Unoccupied Stacks

A yellow notice appeared in the former Stacks hardware shop in the High Street over three weeks ago.  But we’ve not managed to show it before.

Though the notice says ‘catering use’, from a planning perspective this could be changed.  The shop used to be occupied by Moss Bros, after all, so the local authority would almost certainly allow a change of use.  (You’ll remember that, three years ago, when Stacks closed, a notice appeared in the window saying that the new tenant would be WokandGo.  This obviously never happened and the building behind the facade is now completely new.)

The Eye is feeling old!

Those with long memories may remember that this shop at the top of the High Street used to be Gieves and Hawkes – the gentleman’s tailors.  (Surely we’re not old enough to have been measured for a suit there once??)  Anyway, building work of some sort is going on inside; anyone prepared to ‘snoop’ can see that there are bags of cement on the floor.  But we don’t know more, so it’s a case of ‘watch this space’.

Big Brother is back in action…

In fact, Big Brother might have been operating near the top of the High Street for quite a while, but we’ve only just noticed that a CCTV camera has now been installed on the top of the new post by the junction with Obelisk Way.  Presumably this replaces the camera that used to be on the corner of ‘Bensons for Beds’.

(Yes the clouds really were as ominous as they appear in the photos!)

Old fashioned – but useful!

We recently reported that the council will be removing the canopies in Princess Way.  We fully agree that they’re from another era – but they are quite useful when it rains.  Maybe the council staff who planned the change should get out more often….

Of course, the council might be planning to install a more modern roof, perhaps as used in the Atrium.  But the council doesn’t seem to trust us with much information, so we’re simply assuming the worst.  (The council does play its cards close to its corporate chest – we just have to pay the bill.)

The proposal to remove the canopies will be considered at the next planning applications committee meeting.  It’s a foregone conclusion, we imagine.