Being disabled must be tough enough…

On two occasions in the last few weeks we’ve seen disabled parking bays out of action for utility works. We can see why this was, but was there no alternative? As a blue badge driver I’d have been pretty annoyed (understatement) to find that the only disabled parking in Park Street was covered in rubble from an excavation elsewhere..

Last time it was the High Street, this time it was the top of Park Street.

Scaffolding – the ‘rules’

Our obsession with scaffolding is famous throughout the land. So our readers won’t be surprised to learn that we’ve been looking at the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance about the subject. And we’ve read:

“the law does require inspection of scaffolding from which a person might fall 2 metres or more and the issue of a report by a competent person, on completion and at least weekly thereafter.

“A risk assessment may find the need for more frequent inspection of scaffolding. Inspection may also be required after bad weather and always after any modification.

We were struck by the wording ‘the law does require’. Which made us wonder about the scaffolding on the A30 slip road. Is it the subject of ‘weekly reports’

And a bonus question. Has the council managed to buy the building yet?

Restaurant Quiz – the answers

Earlier today we challenged you to match three restaurant names to photos of three Camberley restaurants. The answers are:

The address of Babago (kebab combos with your choice of four tasty fillings; falafel, halloumi, pulled chicken and lamb) is the same as that of Chiquito:


The address of Coco di Mama (Italian, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Pasta) is 50 Park Street, which is the same address as Zizzi:

And, finally, the address of Out the Box (Italian,, Burgers, Pizza) is Unit B2 and B3, The Atrium. The same address as Wildwood.

If the names of three restaurants were less familiar to you than the three in our pictures, that’s because the former are all take-away businesses. You’ll find them on Deliveroo.

Restaurant Quiz

Can you match these three restaurant names to the three restaurants whose photoe are shown below? Unless you have ‘inside information’ the results may surprise you.

The three restaurants are:

  • Babago. “Babago creates delicious, cooked to order kebab combos with your choice of four tasty fillings; falafel, halloumi, pulled chicken and lamb. Our wraps are made from Khobez bread, a flatbread that puffs up when toasted so we can generously stuff all of our tasty fillings and sauces inside. So what are you waiting for? Choose your bab, we’ll wrap and go! Delivered straight to your door.”
  • Coco di Mama .“Italian, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Pasta, Open until 22:00
  • Out the Box. “Italian, Burgers, Pizza”

The answers will be in the Eye later today…

The new paving is already a mess

Peter has sent us a few photos of the new paving in the High Street/Princess Way. He pointed out the amount of ‘grime’ primarily caused by greasy food and sticky drink.

A couple of days after we received the photos we went to see whether the paving had been cleaned. In bright sunlight the grime didn’t look quite so bad as in Peter’s photos; but it still looked pretty awful.

Maybe the previous red block paving didn’t show the spillages as much as the new, light-coloured, blocks do?

Bella Italia out, Gourmet 4 in

If you look closely at our photo of the former Bella Italia restaurant in the Atrium, you can see job vacancies posted on the inside of the windows.

The premises have a new tenant called ‘Gourmet 4’.

Image from Gourmet 4 website

According to a rather difficult to read website, “Gourmet 4 transforms outdated restaurants into vibrant marketplaces, where multiple brands offer a variety of different cuisines. In these spaces, Quality Choice and Speed are paramount….The multi-brand food offer provides a dine-in, food hall experience in addition to providing a take out option…We selectively choose food brands by a vetting and quality check process which we use to make sure that the quality and taste reflects what Gourmet 4 stands for. “

A public loo in the High Street

We don’t remember seeing a new public loo in the regeneration proposals for the High Street. But there it is – along with a load of other waste – in the doorway of the former Home from Home shop. That doorway is usually an eyesore, but we don’t know what alternative provision there is for wheelie bin collection from the flats above. Maybe we’d be tempted to keep our bin there…

Which having been said, the top end of the High Street does the town no credit. We never cease to be amazed that the council permitted a store for ‘industrial-sized’ bins to open out directly into the street. Its contents are visible for all to see.