Could the money be saved?

Installing and maintaining street signs costs the taxpayer, obviously. But in these days of sat navs and smart phones, are road name signs still necessary? Why not save a little money?

AWe like the greenery – but it does hide the name of the road

ADDENDUM. We’ve not had a chance to look at this ‘flower bed’ on the corner of Southwell Park Road for the last few days. Has it been attended to by now? Also, since we took our photo we’ve heard complaints that the excessive plantlife nearby is blocking pedestrians’ view of traffic and making it difficult to cross the road safely.

Bin collectors’ strike – what to do

It’s quite difficult to find out, in simple terms, what Surrey Heath residents should do about the forthcoming threat to domestic waste bin collection.

So, here’s the latest information from the horse’s mouth: “Whilst it is still hoped that strike action may be averted, as negotiations between Amey and the GMB continue, strike action is currently planned from Monday 1 August. Please make sure you leave your bin out ready for collection as usual. If your bin is not collected by 4pm on your usual collection day please report it as a missed collection(link is external) via the Joint Waste Solutions website.” (The horse = Joint Waste Solution’s website)

That will keep the website busy! Let’s hope that it doesn’t crash… But it’s worth keeping an eye on it, for JWS says that it will be kept updated.

Security measures on the High Street

We’re pleased to see that the entrance to the former Home from Home shop was covered by a metal grill on Monday. It had been a long-standing eyesore, and possibly worse.

Adding to the security measures is new metal shutter that’s been installed over the entrance to the new gym on the corner of St George’s Road.

Competition time!

We’ve been sent this photo. Does it show the grubbiest road sign in the town? Apparently it’s in Upper Gordon Road.

No doubt there’s an ‘official schedule’ for cleaning signs. And probably this one doesn’t have a high priority. But is it enforceable if it can’t be read? Does it count that there’s a legible sign on the other side of the road? – if so, we’ve a brilliant way of cutting costs by 50%. Just have one sign rather than two…

We’re intrigued to see that the sign is on a square post – the subject of a discussion in the Eye very recently.

Poles apart

As you know, toob – provider of high-speed internet access – is installing its cables in Camberley and around. But its proposal to erect tall ‘telegraph poles’ in residential areas is arousing considerable opposition. (The same thing is happening elsewhere in the country.)

We’ve just briefly scanned the latest weekly list of planning applications within the borough. We reckon that it includes over sixty applications submitted on behalf of toob. (The listing doesn’t always make it obvious who the applicant is, so the total we’ve suggested might be a little adrift.) Most of these are for the installation of ‘communications/broadband cabinets’, but a dozen are for poles. At the moment, residents seem to have all the power of King Canute to do anything about it., but maybe the tide will turn.