Another ‘take-away’?

The shop in Princess Way that used to be occupied by Mr Emment’s Fine Fruit and Vegetable Emporium is now being fitted out for ‘something else’. We stood in the doorway the other day and asked those inside who the newcomer would be. They said that they didn’t know – which is quite usual in such situations. However, we think they were creating a counter of the sort used by take-away restaurants to pass food to customers.

We shall see!

The council ignores history.

Mike e-mailed us, saying that he’d seen seven vehicles parked on the pavement in the High Street at the same time. He sent us this panoramic photo as evidence. It takes a little while to sort out what’s what, but it qualifies as an entry to our (not entirely genuine) competition of a few months ago, when we invited the submission of photos which showed at least five vehicles parked on the High Street pavement.

We mentioned the Local Plan consultation yesterday. In our response to the exercise we said that the plan’s statement that “Camberley High Street retains elements of the original Victorian and Edwardian character of Camberley…. Development within the vicinity of this historic road should respect and complement its surrounding environment.” lacked any conviction. The permitted development of the new ‘wing’ being built on King’s Court overwhelms the southern end of the High Street. The extensive pavement parking, often by fast-food couriers, means that the original character of most of the rest of the road has been lost. Unforgiveably, there’s not a hint of ‘history’ in the recent makeover of the road. You’ve missed the boat, borough council – you allowed it to leave.

Local Plan – our final words

You’re probably aware that the borough council’s Local Plan consultation expires on Moday. The document sets out the council’s plans for the next sixteen years.

To be honest, we struggle with the whole concept. The council has failed to do anything about this handle-less door in its car park for at least the last six weeks. This means that there has been no access to the top floor of the building from one staircase. Not that anyone wants to use the stairs – you’ll probably find our second photo showing the side of a few of them rather off-putting.

Judged by what we’ve shown, managing the long-term future of an entire borough must be way beyond the council’s current abilities. Accordingly, our formal response to the consultation ends by saying that the council must set out how it will resource its proposals before the draft Local Plan can have much credibility.

Sorelles out, Junoon in

We didn’t get a chance to photograph the latest notices on the windows of Junoon – the Indian restaurant which will be opening in the former Sorelles’ premises in Obelisk Way. So we’ve ‘borrowed’ some information from their Facebook page.

We’re pretty sure that the name ‘Sorelles’ was still above the windows when we rushed passed yesterday.

Six years have passed…

In 2016 we wrote about the Mall: “One of the changes will be to replace the flooring.In March.”  We included this photo of the proposed new tiles.


It never happened – at least, not as proposed. The floor tiles that were eventually installed were completely different from the example in our photo.

And even the example is no more. It’s just been removed, as our second photo shows.

A new bar – and a dangerous driver

It’s been known for a few days that a new bar is coming to the High Street. When we heard the news, we thought we’d take a photo of the premises, which are the old dairy building, more latterly the TN building. It’s been empty for years.

We stood in front of a car parked in a parking bay to take today’s photo. It’s only a ‘snapshot, so we were only there for a few seconds. Long enough, though, for the female driver to start the engine and deliberately drive at us. We remonstrated – of course – but she said that we were to blame. We say no more.