We know the county council isn’t serious

Yes, the county council – and national authorities – urge us to get ‘on our bikes’.  Saving the planet and improving everyone’s health.  But they don’t really mean it.  Or, if they did, they’d not provide cycle lanes like this one in the Frimley Road.  Converging white lines are just plain stupid!

P1060185 P1060183It’s not a matter of finance – all we’re talking about here is white paint.  It’s a case of commitment.  Undoubtedly, there isn’t any.

(And, yes, the fact that there’s a car parked in the cycle lane – on the pavement and crossing a solid white line – suggests that there’s little enforcement either.)

Another in our series of ‘what on earth is it?’

From time to time, our nerdy tendencies get the better of us, and we wonder about trivia that sensible people ignore.  The latest item to take our attention is on the front of Wilkinsons.  (OK, it’s now re-branded as Wilko).  Here it is.  The normal prize – grateful thanks, but not much else! – is on offer to anyone who can tell us what the ‘thing’ is.


We’re none the wiser, but since taking these photos, we’ve realised that there are several ‘what on earth is its’ extending along the buildings in Princess Way.

18 Park Street redevelopment

A while ago we speculated about the future of 18 Park Street, currently occupied by Marc Daniels, the hairdresser.  A planning application had been submitted for the: Erection of a four storey building to provide ground floor retail with 8 serviced (Hotel) apartments and boundary wall to rear following the demolition of existing building.

P1090550 P1090549The planning application has now been approved. But to avoid any misunderstanding, we’re repeating Marc Daniel’s earlier message: “We would really appreciate it if you could make my reply a story line and get the message to EVERYONE as any negative publicity re this could damage our Fantastic reputation so we would appreciate it if you could make a bigger story of the fact we are going NOWHERE
Marc Daniel Hairdressing

Winchester – blighted by lack of traffic

The Eye missed its exit on the M3 the other day, and found itself in Winchester.  And what a tragedy we found there.  A complete absence of traffic in the High Street.  Thank goodness Camberley’s High Street hasn’t degenerated to such an extent.

P1100372P1100377P1100336(Yes, regrettably, we’ve sunk to sarcasm here.  But after more than a decade of unfilled promises by our local council, we despair of EVER seeing a reduction in the amount of traffic in our High Street – even though this is what most people want.)


While we’re talking about our railway.. an update

One of our regular readers had sent us the following lengthy correspondence:

Hi David,

My train journey to London via Ascot on 20th August did not meet an acceptable standard. The problems with the antiquated Guildford to Ascot stock are well documented, but on this particular day the onward train from Ascot, although painted the SW Trains red and blue, did not have air con or toilets. I was all right, but some poor souls might have had their legs crossed

Anyway, below is the answer to my complaint for your info on how the refurbishments are going.



——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Case Reference: SW-140827-AGK
Date: 23 Sep 2014 12:52:24 +0100
From: South West Trains Customer Relations
To: xxxxxxxxxx

*South West Trains*
Customer Service Centre
Overline House, Blechynden Terrace
Southampton. SO15 1GW
Email: customerrelations@swtrains.co.uk
Phone: 0345 6000 650

23 September 2014

Our Reference: SW-140827-AGK

Dear xxxxxxxx

Thank you for your Email of 27August 2014.

I am sorry that the interior quality of the replacement rolling stock on the Guildford to Ascot service is not of the quality that we wish to provide and our customers rightly expect.

The renovation of these units is currently taking place to bring them up to the standard we all expect.

The 456 Fleet will be compatible with our current Class 455 units to provide increased capacity based for example on a 4+2+2 formation up to a maximum of a 10 vehicle formation. Our 455’s were built in the early 80’s and the most cost effective way to lengthen these units and increase capacity on our network was to cascade the 456 rolling stock from Southern. This is essential to meet passenger demand for extra seating. We have listened to what our commuters have said in regarding the overcrowding and this is the correct and most prudent course of action to take in introducing this rolling stock. I am therefore sorry this does not meet your personal requirements at the moment.

10 x 456 units are allocated on the Guildford to Ascot shuttle service only and do not go to Waterloo, also we will have additional units supporting the main suburban capacity. We do have a 5mph speed restriction on the up line through Aldershot Bridge Tunnel and we are working closing with Network Rail to resolve this issue. The 15mph speed limit at Aldershot North and South junctions has always been in place on this route primarily due to track curve and distance between signals and points therefore all stock would need to adhere to this speed.

To meet the requirements of our passengers with reduced mobility, external and internal door sounders (hustle alarms) will be installed on these units along with internal and external door push-buttons. Due to the cost of installation we will not be fitting auto-close on these units. As part of the Refurbishment project these vehicles will have new flooring in the saloons and vestibules and existing Bodyend and bodyside interior panels. Doors will be modified to provide a wider useable aperture as already done on our Class 455 units to include new header & push-button panels.

A new ceiling arrangement and associated saloon LED lighting will also be installed to enhance the interior. These units will also have a combination of double seats, bench seats, tip-up seats and perch seats. Indeed, the Refurbished units will have a total of 118 seats.

New litter bins will be installed on each vehicle situated in the vestibule area and will incorporate a door lock to eliminate the tray from the rubbish bin sliding into the aisles.

We have no plans to fit air con conditioning or toilets on this stock.

We have ensured any station toilet facilities currently in place are fully working and accessible.

Units are currently undergoing Refurbishment and we had 4 units available by our July timetable with all 24 units due for completion by the end of this year.

With regards to your onwards journey from Ascot to London Waterloo on the 0840 service on 20 August 2014, when the service you used was formed of rolling stock not normally found on this route. This was due to a train fault in one of the planned units which means alternative trains have to be used which are a different type or size from the usual train.The only other alternative is to cancel the service completely.Whilst travelling on this train was undoubtedly uncomfortable it is preferable to the train being cancelled in its entirety.

Please accept my renewed apologies that you had an uncomfortable journey.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards

Steve Bartlett
Customer Service Centre Advisor