A great leap forward – well, upward – in the car park

It’s undoubtedly a coincidence, but no sooner have we pointed out that the lift replacement programme in Camberley’s Main Square car park is running a bit behind plan than the new lift emerges from behind the barricades.  Here it is.


Sorry, it’s not the most exciting of photographs.  But it’s hard to make a lift look exciting!


The car park clock is now one hour ahead of GMT.  Place your bets on how long it will stay that way.

Poppies popping up in Camberley

We first spotted that poppies had been attached to town centre lamp-posts while we were walking along the A30 a few days ago.  But after we’d taken these photos, we realised that the poppies were all around the town.

P1110171 P1110170 P1110169

Our namesake has made a similar observation in Frimley – he kindly sent us this photograph of Frimley High Street:


And we’ve since heard that the poppies are in flower ‘everywhere’!

Enterprise M3 – what it means for Camberley

We went to a short presentation by Enterprise M3 the other day.  Enterprise M3 is a Local Enterprise Partnership – one of 39 in England – that claims: “We bring together leaders from the business, public and not-for-profit sectors and provide the vision, knowledge and strategic leadership needed to drive sustainable private sector growth.”

Enterprise M3

The LEP’s vision is that the area it covers will be: “One of the premier locations in the country for enterprise and economic growth, with an excellent environment and quality of life.”

The Enterprise M3 area stretches 75 miles through Hampshire and Surrey, from rural communities in the New Forest to the perimeter of Heathrow Airport.  It has funds of about £120 million.

So, why is it mentioned here specifically?  It’s because the LEP has a number of projects that it wants to support in Camberley.  These are – and we quote:

Regeneration support for Camberley Town Centre
A30/A331 junction improvements (that’s the Meadows roundabout, to you and me)
Sustainable transport (public transport and cycling…)
Purchase of SANGS (land suitable for dog-walkers, away from the habitat of endangered birds.)
A proposed bid for 2016/2017 – Camberley town centre highway improvements.

We gather that the first four of these projects are seen as likely to go ahead.

Interestingly for those who champion the idea of Camberley becoming a ‘top 100′ town, Camberley was described as ‘important’, but it is not one of the four growth towns in the Enterprise M3 area.

PS, if you’d like to know more of the proposal for the Meadows roundabout, you can find the funding application here http://goo.gl/iDkPFE

No ups and downs in the car park

Do you remember when there were three lifts in operation in Main Square car park between it and The Mall?  But one of them seems to have been out of action for quite a while.

P1100100 P1100101

In fact, we’ve not seen any work being carried out on this lift for ages.  No noises, no banging, no voices from behind the boarded-off doors.  Maybe all the work is being done at the top of the building?  If not, we wonder what’s happening.

Anyway, the lift should shortly be back in operation.  At least, it should according to this notice on the borough council’s website – dated 10th July – which said that the work would take approximately three months…..

Car park lift overhaul

Another abandoned road sign

We’ve previously complained about the County Council’s practice of leaving temporary road signs in place long after the event or roadwork that they warn about is over.

Keith has sent us this photo of a such a sign on Church Hill.

Keith photo2

Keith photob

(Keith apologised for the fact that the sun was in the wrong place when he took the photo!)

Incidentally, the sign is outside ‘Sandstones’ – one of the locally-listed buildings of historic interest.

County council’s transport strategy doesn’t impress

Over a month ago, we wrote an article about the draft ‘Surrey Heath Local Transport Strategy & Forward Programme’  (http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-19V)  Our view was that the document had significant failings, and that the related public consultation was totally inappropriate for such a lengthy text.Surrey transport plan

Our comments reflected the document as it might affect Camberley.  However, it’s now apparent that there’s unhappiness with it in the villages to the east of the town.  You can find the petition that has been raised to object to it here: http://chn.ge/1FDw5lY?recruiter=169271604

The comments about Red Road will be of interest to the many Camberley residents who use it.




Shoe Zone building – a big disappointment

We’ve always thought that the building occupied by Shoe Zone in Camberley’s High Street was particularly uninspired.  So, we were excited when we came across a planning application that, at first sight, was proposing to redevelop the building..  Unfortunately…

See if you can spot the difference between these two drawings that show the frontage onto the High Street:

Shoe Zone2

Shoe Zone

Yes, it looks like no change.  The ‘redevelopment’ seems to consist mainly of an extension at the back of the building.  What a let-down!