Mobile phones need mobile crane

A large mobile crane had to be pressed into action to remove redundant mobile phone equipment from the roof of the House of Fraser the other day.  According to the crane operators, they weren’t putting anything back as replacements.

ThingsP1100606 P1100604 P1100601It may be a coincidence but things seem to be happening on the mobile phone front.  The day after this photo was taken, the phone mast by the Ravenswood Roundabout was removed (No photos. Driving round a roundabout and wielding a camera at the same time isn’t to be recommended….)

Camberley car show – behind the scenes

There’ll be so many excellent photos taken of yesterday’s car show in Camberley that the ‘Eye’, with it’s little Brownie camera, can’t compete.  So it won’t even try.

But, it struck us that not all of the vehicles on display could have arrived under their own steam – so to speak (actually, we didn’t see a steam car;  was there one?).  So how?  The answer was to be found in one of the service areas where trailers were to be found double-parked.

P1100612bP1100615BNot everything worked perfectly, however.  No doubt to the joy of many visitors – though not of the borough council, or those who were stuck in the queues for any length of time – the newish pay machines in Main Square car park gave up under the strain.

P1100628b P1100629Will the system misbehave when the Tour of Britain cycle race comes to Camberley??

The Eye achieves miracles!

Close followers of this blog will have seen a couple of comments exchanged on it yesterday.  They were along the lines of ‘Isn’t it about time that the county council removed the out-of-date warning notices on the A30?  It’s not surprising that motorists feel overwhelmed by road signs and ignore most of them.’  To which the Eye responded that an item would appear on this blog in the next day or so, urging the council to remove the clutter.

And, verily, after two and a half months, the notices have gone.  (Just in case you’re wondering whether the Eye can really claim responsibility, these photographs were taken on Wednesday.  So clearly the mere threat of criticism on this blog prompted the council to take action.  There can be no other explanation….)


Camberley – a top town (for Viagra?)

The borough council announced a little while ago that it wanted Camberley to be one of the country’s 100 top towns.  As far as we can tell, the council didn’t say how it was defining a ‘top town';  we’ve asked, but so far we haven’t had an answer…

So, we’ve Googled to see if there’s any accepted list of ‘top towns’.  And it’s become obvious that there isn’t.  It all depends on what’s being measured.  But we’ve found mention of ‘top town’ listings for the consumption of Viagra, the number of pubs, the number of sexually-transmitted diseases, of single women, of curries, identity theft, UFOs, debt….

According to getSurrey, “Within Surrey, Guildford has the most ‘dogging’ spots of any borough or district with 16. Runnymede and Waverley have only three sites each.”  According to the same source, Surrey Heath, apparently has 12 sites (  So, if the council sets up a further 5 ‘dogging’ spots, (whatever they are) we could probably be the top town in Surrey at least.

Moreover, we’ve read that Maidenhead comes top in the UK for adultery, Farnborough comes third for unfaithful people – and 616 people in Camberley are having affairs!

So, beware of wishing for Camberley to become a top town unless you define what you mean….


Buy the local paper today!

If you buy this week’s local paper, you can find out more about the future of Santander in the High Street.

You’ll also see the photo below reproduced (we’ve included the full recent blog item here).  Cut it out and cherish it for ever more.

In case you’re wondering about these three black corner brackets, almost certainly they’re structural.  We remember that some years ago it appeared that the corner of the building was sinking and had cracked.  Unless we’re mistaken the supporting pillar had to be underpinned, and the brackets added.


There’s been some recent discussion about Santander’s building in Camberley’s High Street.  Was it, once upon a time, Armstrong’s Fishmonger and Poulterer?

P1100474We’re suggesting that it wasn’t.  It’s a bit difficult to tell, but our feeling is that the Armstrong building has been demolished.  Knoll Walk – beside Barclays Bank – is much wider than the passageway that can be seen in this 1907 photo.  There’s even room for a flower bed now.

The Square Camberley  1907(We scrounged the photo from Ken Clarke a year or more ago.  Thanks, Ken!)