Bensons for Beds off to dreamland, somewhere.

It’s some years since planning permission was given to redevelop totally the Benson for Beds site in Camberley’s High Street.  We’re not sure what’s currently intended, but there’s been a sign on the building for a while now saying that ‘redeveloped space’ will be available next spring.  So it’s not surprising to see the shop now sporting ‘Closing Down’ notices.


What’s the story behind ‘TN’?

Earlier this month, we commented on ‘TN’ – formerly ‘The Treasury’, formerly ‘Que Pasa’ – in the High Street.  It looked a rather temporary affair at the time.

P1100123Things have changed, and the building now just looks abandoned.  Can anyone tell us what it’s all about? (There is a TN Facebook page, but it doesn’t have many ‘likes’, and we’ve not learned a lot from it.)

P1100275(And we wonder how long that over-enthusiastic ‘No. 33′ will remain up there.  The correct information is ‘No. 23′.)

Bits of The Mall being removed!

Previously we’ve shown the hoardings around the stairs and lift that used to lead up to Giardino’s in Camberley’s Main Square.  It seemed pretty certain at the time that there was going to be some serious work carried out.

P1100136Indeed, though it’s not immediately obvious in this second more-recent photograph, the ceiling beneath the former  ‘Giardino’s’ has now been removed.  Presumably the whole structure will disappear before much longer.


More houses and a lot more flats…

Nos 21 – 33 York Road are the subject of a recent planning application.  The proposal is to demolish them and erect “12, three storey 3 bedroom town houses with accommodation in the roofspace, a two storey building with accommodation in the roofspace to comprise 12, 1 bedroom flats and a two storey building with accommodation in the roofspace to comprise 12, 2 bedroom flats with associated parking access and landscaping”


(If you go up Kings Ride, York Road is the first road on the right – it runs parallel with the A30.)