County council’s transport strategy doesn’t impress

Over a month ago, we wrote an article about the draft ‘Surrey Heath Local Transport Strategy & Forward Programme’  (  Our view was that the document had significant failings, and that the related public consultation was totally inappropriate for such a lengthy text.Surrey transport plan

Our comments reflected the document as it might affect Camberley.  However, it’s now apparent that there’s unhappiness with it in the villages to the east of the town.  You can find the petition that has been raised to object to it here:

The comments about Red Road will be of interest to the many Camberley residents who use it.




Shoe Zone building – a big disappointment

We’ve always thought that the building occupied by Shoe Zone in Camberley’s High Street was particularly uninspired.  So, we were excited when we came across a planning application that, at first sight, was proposing to redevelop the building..  Unfortunately…

See if you can spot the difference between these two drawings that show the frontage onto the High Street:

Shoe Zone2

Shoe Zone

Yes, it looks like no change.  The ‘redevelopment’ seems to consist mainly of an extension at the back of the building.  What a let-down!

Going into reverse on the A30 service road

Just about a year after the excessive parking restrictions were introduced along part of the A30 service road (quite often we still warn drivers not to park there), they’re being largely removed.  Notices have been installed telling people that changes are afoot:


It’s a bit ironic.  Few people read the notices a year ago saying that restrictions were being tightened;  will many of them read the notices saying that the restrictions are being relaxed??


If you want to know the detailed proposals affecting Camberley, you can find them here and here.  (The links aren’t a ‘quick read’….)


The new shop in Camberley’s Princess Way looks rather short of stock.  Will it be able to compete with CeX almost opposite it, or Game, or..?  It’ll need to work hard, we suspect. (Yes, it does repairs, but aren’t most modern gadgets ‘irreparable’?  Replacing a cracked phone screen or installing a new battery isn’t too difficult, but sorting out a TV that’s on the blink seems very ambitious.)


Authorities write-off pensioners and families…

A recent announcement by the borough council includes the following text:

“…. the Big Energy Saving Network, a project funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, designed to help vulnerable people to understand their options for saving money on energy bills.

Advice sessions will take place with groups of vulnerable consumers, such as those of retirement age, families with young children…

So, sorry pensioners and parents;  you’re deemed to be too feeble to understand how to save money.  Though probably not too feeble to be able to pay council and income tax?

(Of course, some people in all categories and age groups need help, but the net here is being cast far too wide.  Who wrote it, we wonder.)

M3 Smart Motorway Scheme- if you missed the recent exhibitions


The Highways Agency has produced a leaflet about the M3 Smart Motorway Scheme.  You can view it here.  It’s actually quite interesting.  It mentions issues like night-time construction noise, low-noise surfacing and environmental pollution.  There is also a questionnaire – a rather simple one – for those who might be affected by the scheme – users or nearby residents.  You can access it here.  Have a look at it, and click on the answers!

Pembroke House thoughts – and some other speculation

We mentioned the new hoarding around Pembroke House in the Frimley Road recently.


Scott has sent us some thoughts:

“For your information, the word on the street is that Pembroke House on Frimley Road is likely to be stripped of the asbestos that it is riddled with. The contractors that erected the hoarding indicated that this was the main reason for it. I suspect that this has to be done before the building could be demolished. I guess it doesn’t mean that something is going to happen with the building just that they would prepare the site so that something could be done more quickly. If I were a local resident or business owner or local worker, I think I would want some clear transparency on when / how / why things were going to be done and if any risk assessment had been done to assess the possible impact of the businesses that directly adjoin the site.”

Almost certainly, any exercise to remove asbestos will have to have a risk assessment carried out first.  (Of course, carrying out risk assessments is a necessary discipline before doing ‘anything’ these days.)  And removing asbestos is a fairly routine operation – probably just rather expensive!  However, we shall see.

Scott added:

“Also for information, the Camberley Car Company over the road seems to have cleared its forecourt of vehicles so it looks like something different might be happening with that site.”

Wasn’t the former occupier of that site ‘The Camberley Carriage Company’.  A rather grand title for that location..