A Third World problem

Sewage flowing down the street isn’t something that you expect to see in a well-maintained town. But this overflow (we’ve not got down on our hands and knees to analyse it) has been evident for a while. We think it’s getting worse.

The A30 frontage really is a disgrace. We know who to blame.

11 thoughts on “A Third World problem

  1. SHBC’s inability to recognise what is (almost literally) in front of their nose defies belief. I’m not sure, apart from a revolution, quite what you need to do to get them to understand that the profile they claim they want for Camberley will forever be limited by the appearance of the A30 frontage. Ask anyone who doesn’t live here, but drives through, and they will clearly tell you their impression of the town, so not much hope of them stopping to shop. As a resident there is little incentive either. Wake up SHBC!!

  2. I have just seen a report that the ‘new development’ has been shelved, because of Covid – bad, but I have also seen a report that Frimley Park Hospital is to be gradually re built over the next ten(?) years at a cost of £1.26 billion – very good. What news can you tell us about all of this, Eye?

    • Yes, I just read the same story, not that there’s any connection between the two sites. Seems the hospital was built with dodgy materials and is partly in danger, though happily not he council’s responsibility! As for the London Road…..I despair! If the council is seriously blaming COVID it is beyond pathetic.

    • Where did you see the report about the new development, Angela? It’s not in any of the obvious places – other than in the Eye, of course. UPDATE: I gather that it’s on Facebook today. That’s about two months after the decision was taken, and only after the Eye publicised the situation.

      But FPH is outside the Eye’s boundary, so terra incognita. Tho’ it’s a extremely busy building, and buildings do wear out.

      • There are articles re FPH and the London Road development on Surrey Live. I read them last night but when they were published I do not know.

  3. PS If you can access The Heatherside Residents’ Forum there is a link on there to GetSurrey which has the report regarding FPH.

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