An opportunity for the borough council?

Just over four years ago we posted an item reporting that the former magistrate’s court site – the derelict corner site near the station – was up for auction.  We’ve a sense of deja vu, as the same thing is happening again, with the same auctioneer.

The auction is on 19th September;  will the council pop along to Grosvenor Square, where the auction is being held, and submit a bid?  It’s an opportunity to turn an eyesore into an asset.




2 thoughts on “An opportunity for the borough council?

  1. Goodness me! How long has this site been boarded up…I remember when many boards fell down and stupidly thought that when these flats/apartments were built that this land would all be nice..for the new residents!…as Littlejohn says “you could not make it up”! As I have said numerous times…the council love eyesores……………

    • A planning application for that site was turned down some years ago, Shirley. It’s not an ideal site for ‘anything’. Frequent car access would be unacceptable – it would make existing traffic problems worse. It’s the wrong place for a shop – too far from other shops, and hardly easy to reach. The best – but least financially profitable use – would be to turn it into a cool and grassy space. But what hope of that?

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