Bin collectors’ strike – what to do

It’s quite difficult to find out, in simple terms, what Surrey Heath residents should do about the forthcoming threat to domestic waste bin collection.

So, here’s the latest information from the horse’s mouth: “Whilst it is still hoped that strike action may be averted, as negotiations between Amey and the GMB continue, strike action is currently planned from Monday 1 August. Please make sure you leave your bin out ready for collection as usual. If your bin is not collected by 4pm on your usual collection day please report it as a missed collection(link is external) via the Joint Waste Solutions website.” (The horse = Joint Waste Solution’s website)

That will keep the website busy! Let’s hope that it doesn’t crash… But it’s worth keeping an eye on it, for JWS says that it will be kept updated.

10 thoughts on “Bin collectors’ strike – what to do

  1. Its the summer of discontent! Thatcher times are back. Dont expect much action from SHBC to solve a problem. Mr Gove wont care too much!!

  2. SHBC talk about contingency plans with no firm idea of what these might entail. We wait with baited breath.

    • The contingency plans are the residents will have to take their rubbish to the local recycling centres themselves, sure there will be a rebate on the Council Tax bill, for a failed service they did not provide.

      • Next thing you will get a fine for fly-tipping, which some councils do if you leave your bins out too early or too late.
        Enough fines and they will have the extra money to pay the bin folks !

  3. Try reporting the missed collection! It states ‘our crews are still working in your area ‘even at 4am the following day.

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