Not the truth, nor the whole truth, but something other than the truth?

We’ve raised this question in previous years, but we’ve never seen an answer, let-alone an ‘official’ one. In the absence of an official explanation we’ve come to the conclusion that the council regurgitates the same statements without even thinking about them.

Our first picture – the one in red – is an extract from the agenda of tonight’s meeting of the council’s Executive Committee. It’s not too difficult to make out the words ‘the public be excluded from the meeting for the following…’

Now our second picture – mainly in green – is of the latest Governance Statement by the council. It’s not too difficult to make out the words ‘Decision Making…. All meetings held in public’. But that’s not the case tonight, obviously, or on many other nights.

Now, we can understand why some council discussions aren’t suitable for the public’s ears; that’s not a problem. But for the Governance Statement to say that everthing in the garden is rosy because all meetings are held in public is, to say the least, being economical with the truth. Nevertheless, the council has written the same thing year after year.

6 thoughts on “Not the truth, nor the whole truth, but something other than the truth?

  1. Come now Mr Eye you have been around long enough to know that this sort of stuff is published with the expectation that it is not read and certainly not followed by those that you identify.
    Risk is endemic in the Council so much so that those in charge cannot see it. Risk has been a feature of the management style running through everything like the name in a bar of seaside rock.
    Exempt items are becoming such a feature of meetings that like you I feel that they cannot be called open and public.
    There has been a clamp on anything to do with the Mall since it was a acquired 6 years ago.
    Clearly the fourth point on the right has not been recognised or addressed (further commentary will follow the publication of the accounts for March 2020 in the early autumn).
    I suppose we have to accept that your definition of risk might be different to theirs and don’t forget that it is your money but not theirs. I think that somewhere there is a Risk Register but I have never seen it !!
    You have my permission to deem this contribution EXEMPT.

    • It’s just depressing, Edmond, to see those who influence the future of the town – and the borough – either not taking care over what they write, or not explaining why what they’ve written is correct.

  2. No surprise, these closed meetings allow councillors and officers to say what they want and do what they want without the public knowing about it. There are some issue that under data protection and because of action to be taken can’t be made public, but this excluding the public is being used too much and public servants are abusing their powers.

    • The obvious problem is, of course, that if a matter is declared to be Exempt, residents won’t know – won’t be able to find out – enough about it to be able to challenge the exemption.

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