What police station?

We know that one of our county councillors is on the case to get these road signs up-dated. The odd thing is that the sign in Knoll Road had mention of the police station covered up ages ago. Why weren’t all the signs given the same treatement at the same time?

(We don’t have a definitive record, but we think the police moved out of Surrey Heath House in March 2018. )

10 thoughts on “What police station?

  1. Some years ago, someone in Camberley picked up a dropped purse and asked me where the police station was to hand it in. I directed them to the Police Station in Portesbury Road. Where would they take it today?

  2. I thought that the police presence in the Civic Offices ceased years ago, and as for PCSOs walking about I have never seen one of those each time that I have visited Camberley. Mind I do not visit very often these days as there is nothing to go for.I can’t remember the last time I saw either a PSCO or a ‘proper’ policeman/woman anywhere.

  3. The police are too busy driving round in their cars to be seen walking anywhere, plus regularly pranging them as you will see outside the Deepcut repair works.

  4. I was told that they occupy the top floor of The Council offices – have they moved from there?. I have seen several police cars in the car park

    • An item in the local paper in 2018 says that the Camberley counter – and others – would be close that March (I think it was March). That’s why I stated 2018 in the post.

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