The reason for the red blobs

Earlier today, we asked what the purpose was of the red blobs in these two ‘archive’ photographs .

copyright Google

The answer – it seems from another era, not just a few years ago – is that BT proposed putting phone box in those two places, removing one from the very top of the High Street. None of which happened, of course.

Which gives rise to two more questions. When did you last use a phone box, and will BT phone boxes be phased out completely in ‘2025’ (which is when BT plans to shut down its traditional landline phone service)?.

2 thoughts on “The reason for the red blobs

  1. I understand there are some “rules” regarding retention of payphones, for instance where there is a high incidence of calls to Childline or Samaritans, wherever there is limited or no mobile signal coverage. However I’ve no doubt a payphone sighting will soon qualify for a tick in an Eye-Spy book, if indeed such things are still published.

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