A round post

Today, we’re posting about a post.

As you can see, the fairly new ‘No Entry’ sign at the exit of Park Street has been twisted around so that it faces the wrong way. Presumably the forces of nature – or humans – are responsible.

Years ago, we suggested that the cross-section of road-sign posts should be square, not round. That would make twisting the signs around much more difficult. But there’s never been much enthusiasm for our idea in Camberley, as our photo confirms.

6 thoughts on “A round post

  1. I have seen drivers (and cyclists- if they ride in the road they should follow the same rules) go the wrong way down the road.

    I dont know if its up to the council or the highway agencies to sort it our but it needs sorting ASAP!!

  2. The one on the other side of the roundabout warning of a low bridge ahead has also been rotated – meaning that people will see it after they’ve gone under the bridge heading north.

    • Unhelpful signs just make ‘the authorities’ look incompetent or uncaring, or both. It might be just that they’re short-staffed, but they rarely say exactly what they’re going to have to NOT do as a result.

  3. Would help if they repainted the fading NO ENTRY on the road as well …. at least that way they see that if not the sign

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