The council ignores history.

Mike e-mailed us, saying that he’d seen seven vehicles parked on the pavement in the High Street at the same time. He sent us this panoramic photo as evidence. It takes a little while to sort out what’s what, but it qualifies as an entry to our (not entirely genuine) competition of a few months ago, when we invited the submission of photos which showed at least five vehicles parked on the High Street pavement.

We mentioned the Local Plan consultation yesterday. In our response to the exercise we said that the plan’s statement that “Camberley High Street retains elements of the original Victorian and Edwardian character of Camberley…. Development within the vicinity of this historic road should respect and complement its surrounding environment.” lacked any conviction. The permitted development of the new ‘wing’ being built on King’s Court overwhelms the southern end of the High Street. The extensive pavement parking, often by fast-food couriers, means that the original character of most of the rest of the road has been lost. Unforgiveably, there’s not a hint of ‘history’ in the recent makeover of the road. You’ve missed the boat, borough council – you allowed it to leave.

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