Local Plan – our final words

You’re probably aware that the borough council’s Local Plan consultation expires on Moday. The document sets out the council’s plans for the next sixteen years.

To be honest, we struggle with the whole concept. The council has failed to do anything about this handle-less door in its car park for at least the last six weeks. This means that there has been no access to the top floor of the building from one staircase. Not that anyone wants to use the stairs – you’ll probably find our second photo showing the side of a few of them rather off-putting.

Judged by what we’ve shown, managing the long-term future of an entire borough must be way beyond the council’s current abilities. Accordingly, our formal response to the consultation ends by saying that the council must set out how it will resource its proposals before the draft Local Plan can have much credibility.

3 thoughts on “Local Plan – our final words

  1. These plans are a waste of time, waste of manpower and a waste of money. They cannot encompass everything and things change rapidly. Have a skeletal plan, fine, but they actually need to deal with the present and plan properly weekly, monthly and at the most yearly.
    They can’t even manage the past and present, the money lost and is being lost, so there’s no chance for 16 years ahead!

  2. Two depressing photos that perfectly illustrate the futility of SHBC’s Plan – if you cant get the little things right then there is no hope for grandiose plans. The state of the car park does a great job of ensuring casual visitors to the town never return. I wonder if anyone in Knoll Rd monitors the Eye? I bet nobody has the courage to suggest the Chief Executive subscribes.

    • Sadly if the Chief Executive was interested in making Camberley a top 100 town, you would not have to suggest to look at what is going on you would hope it would be self evident by walking out of your office & God forbid talk with people at the coal face, rather than sit back & let the residents flag all the issues then do nothing.

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