If only the county council would visit Camberley

We all know that councils of every complexion are putting more emphasis on cycling. Locally, there’s now a proposal to provide cycle routes from Frimley to Camberley. Which is good. But we do wish that the county council would get its facts right .

For years, SCC documents have shown that a cycle ‘signed advisory route’ – shown by the thin red line on this map – exists between the High Street and Park Street. For years, we’ve been pointing out that that, in reality, it doesn’t!

Here’s our argument.

The photo below establishes that there’s no cycle route eastbound at all.

The position for westbound cyclists isn’t quite so explicit. But, as our next photos show, although there’s a very worn outline of a cycle on the roadway at the start of the service road, any cyclist who relied on it would be dead within minutes. (Actually, the outline is so worn that we now realise that you can barely make it out in our photo.)

In practice, the road is little different from the zillions of other roads where cyclists have to compete with other traffic. Indeed, the service road is particularly perilous for unwary cyclists; there’s a risk that a driver from one of the row of parked cars will open their door without looking behind them. Cyclists have to stay well-away.

Calling the service road an advisory route may enable the county council to put a tick in a box. However, it’s meaningless in practice. Worse, until SCC recognises the error, it’s not going to provide any better facilities. Hard luck, cyclists!

3 thoughts on “If only the county council would visit Camberley

  1. A prime example of how painting a narrow line and a bike symbol does sod all for road safety. For many councillors doing so would be heralded as “a victory for alternative travel.” As you’ve pointed out, there is no way that anyone is going to recognise that as a dedicated cycling route. As this had been tried and tested, segregated cycling infrastructure has to be provided not only to ensure safety but also encourage this mode of transport.

    That said, I had a read of the Camberley & Frimley Cycling Plan, which I think was a half-baked cake. There were some beneficial proposals, but it was not developed further in order to create an effective urban cycle network that can turn the modal shift from car to bike throughout Surrey Heath. Going through back-streets and unnecessary diversions instead of taking the trunk route would guarantee them being hardly utilised. I do hope that you touch on the Cycleway project in the near future, Camberley Eye.

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