2006 or 2022?

Yesterday, we showed a picture of a dubious liquid ‘stream’ running over the pavement on the A30 service road. We said that we knew who to blame for the dejected state of the area.

Which reminded us of the newspaper cutting below. You could change its date from 2006 to 2022, and it would still largely apply. The only difference is that the council has even less of a clue about what to do with the site than it did then. The incompetence and impotence are undeniable.

7 thoughts on “2006 or 2022?

  1. The protracted London Road farce is a prime example and reflection of modern politics, highlighting the third-rate parish council calibre of elected officials and their pathetic approach to issues beyond their intellect and understanding.

    • The average elected official is, of course, elected by us. So was our judgement at fault, and why didn’t we stand for election ourselves? ( But there are, inevitably, occasional rotten apples. ) However, the paid council staff are, by definition, professional, and we are right to expect a professional service from them. If we don’t, then the army adage applies – there’s no such thing as a bad soldier, just bad officers.

  2. Although SHBC retains a conservative majority it is, sadly from my own experience, administered by idle, inclusive, box-ticking, left-wing activists and career public employees of questionable intelligence, integrity and loyalty with total indifference and disregard to issues beyond their capabilities.
    Unless professional and independent bodies become involved in the London Road redevelopment there is, in my opinion, little hope of any finalisation to this self inflicted fiasco and squandering of ratepayers’ money.

  3. Does anyone know – and can tell us – just how many tens of thousands of pounds have been wasted on this fiasco so far?

  4. We’ll never be able to find out, Angela. If I remember rightly, the council has been criticised for spending six years chasing an ‘anchor store’ for the redevelopment. The manpower costs of just that exercise will be buried in other costs, as will all the planning/negotiating staff time. That’s before you start to consider the purchase costs of what must, by now, be virtually worthless properties. .

  5. Its only now people have realised the Conservative Council it’s donors \friends historically have realised they have been been led up the gravy train path …. Gove and his buddies are raising a glass to their achievements Camberley is just another statistic or failure

  6. As P Best points out…. Camberley redevelopment is a catalogue of promises that are never achieved. Its a Tory problem. However, people still vote for it so we shouldn’t expect much to change if these development decisions remain in the hands of same group. “The Eye” has pointed out many planned developments over many years that were pie in the sky from the start. The sad thing is that it costs such a lot of taxpayers money to mislead the voters with all these plans.

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