Kosu Mosu – opening soon…

The sushi and bento restaurant in Princess Way looks as if it’s getting ready to open. You can see the counter in place inside. The window displays the word ‘December’ – does this mean that the opening is running a little late?

2 thoughts on “Kosu Mosu – opening soon…

  1. I love sushi and that kind of food. Theres one of these Kosu Mosu shops in Farnborough on the way to the cinema. However, fail to inform with their menu which is quite unclear. I know most of the dish types but the majority of people dont understand the difference between Udon, Maki, Bento, Bao Bun, Fukomaki, Genko, Nigiri, etc. I went to the one in Farnborough, was in maybe 25 mins and in that time, two groups came in and then left without ordering as they could not understand much of the menu!

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