Oh dear, oh dear

If you thought that the A30 frontage didn’t do Camberley any favours, then what do you think about the back of some of the buildings concerned?

It’s a fair bet that, having bought these properties, the council doesn’t really know what to do with the site. To some extent, it’s been the victim of circumstances. But it’s also a victim of its own inertia, which has blighted the area for twenty years.

4 thoughts on “Oh dear, oh dear

  1. Victim of it’s own misguided arrogance, ignorance stupidity and inadequacy, more likely.
    When are these childish fools in SHBC going to employ the services of professional agencies to sort out the London road farce and replace the bucket-shop third-rate estate agents, advisors and incumbents idling about with their heads up their posteriors?

    • Recently the council did advertise for a contractor to propose and implement a ‘stop gap’ scheme. That’s on the positive side. The fact that it’s about sixteen years since councillors agreed to use compulsory purchase to aid redevelopment is on the negative side. That brought any private sector interest/investment in the area pretty much to a halt.

  2. A disgraceful demonstration of SHBC’s management of residents money. Yes there have been circumstances that have affected decisions but I’m sorry – not 20 years worth of circumstances. At the very least SHBC could ensure the area is kept free of rubbish and board up windows. Better still raze the properties to the ground. I shudder to think of the vermin running through those properties and there are restaurants in that whole A30 block – none of whom would get my money. Amateur Councillors and on the face of it unprofessional, inexperienced, uncaring and inept Council staff. They should all feel ashamed.

    • I imagine that it’s a health hazard. Pigeons have been going in and out of the building for years. If you peer through the shop window you can see them walking around on the floor.

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