Clock this!

As far as we are aware, there are two local Rotary Clubs. One of which is called – unsurprisingly – The Rotary Club of Camberley.

Just before Christmas, we noticed this clock had appeared in Main Square. Maybe we’ve missed one, but we’ve not seen any explanation about its presence. It seems pretty clear, though, that the Rotary Club of Camberley was responsible.

Can anyone tell us more?

9 thoughts on “Clock this!

    • Many thanks, Valerie. Of course, you had inside information! But, a thought. I doubt that most shoppers will read the inscription on the clock face. Can you persuade ‘your contact’ to persuade the Club to persuade The Square to fix a suitable small brass plaque somewhere nearby? Get the mayor to unveil it… (I had, of course, done a little digging, but I still wasn’t sure whether the clock was a rather late recognition of the collaboration between the UN and Rotary globally, or whether it marked a local achievement. I can’t find any obvious mention of it or its installation on the Club website.)

  1. The information below, lifted from the Club’s website explains more:

    “75 years of service for Camberley, Surrey Heath
    The Rotary Club of Camberley, was established in 1945, today its membership is open to men and women in business, management or professional positions who live or work within the Surrey Heath Borough or its immediate surroundings.

    The Club has initiated numerous community projects, and many of its members have been local personlaities and leaders in their fields.

    Projects have included :

    Setting up the first Old Peoples’ Home in Camberley – A Senior Citizens’ town centre tea room

    International Social club to support many foriegn national post war – Play areas at Frimley Children’s Centre and at local schools,

    A Garden Reading area for Frimley Green Library – A Patient Resource Centre for Frimley Park Hospital,

    Provision of medical equipment for local surgeries – A household equipment and furnishings service for rehoused families

    As part of it’s service to youth in the borough Rotary organises-

    the annual Young Photographer and Young Writer competitions and Practice Interviews for students about to leave school.

    Through Rotary International it can offer access to youth leadership courses, the National Young Citizen of the Year award scheme and even International scholarships.

    The Club organising a free blood pressure testing in the Town centre in supports of annual national Stroke Awareness day.

    Working with a range of donors it provide food hampers to help local families eat well over the Xmas period.

    Mounting official Christmas collections in the town centre and at leading super markets enables the Club to support many local charities.

    Internationally the Club provides Shelter and Aqua Boxes for the homeless post tsunami, earthquakes and other disasters, provides Shoe Boxes containing toys and basic teaching aids to eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.”

  2. Lets hope when the time changes during the year someone is made responsible to change this one unlike the clock on the car park

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