Pity the poor pedestrian

Pedestrians walking along Portesbery Road near to its junction with the High Street were met with this challenge recently. Not only was there a truck blocking much of the pavement, but a fork-lift truck was threating to emerge from the entrance to the building site. Heaven only knows how anyone with poor vision coped.

As it happens, we don’t particularly criticise those directly involved. They had a job to do. But we have a low opinion of a council that approved and allows a site to operate in this manner. We also have a low opinion of the site management. It showa a disregard for public safety, not ‘just’ for public convenience.

8 thoughts on “Pity the poor pedestrian

  1. Lorries delivering to Travis Perkins by the railway bridge in Frimley Road park like that. I walk into the middle of the road and walk slowly past, causing the traffic to stop in both directions as I do so, because that way I am less likely to get run over than if I try to squeeze past while cars keep moving. People need to do the same here, in great number, stopping the traffic so that the people in Surrey Heath Towers can see the jam caused by their general incompetence.

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