Someone should tell the council

We came across the following information recently in ‘The MJ’. But the council’s website doesn’t – as far as we can tell – mention it.

SHBC never fails to surprise us. Richard Payne is still shown as ‘Executive Head – Corporate & Deputy Electoral Registration Officer on the council’s website. Why do we have to rely on the ‘trade press’ to learn about staff changes? Also, as you can read, ‘Mr Payne had worked for the council in a senior position for about nine years’. It would be a positive gesture to publish a ‘thank-you’ for his service on the website. But, thinking about it, we don’t recall seeing the relatively recent departure of other senior members of staff recognised on the website. Was the failure ours, or was it the council’s?

9 thoughts on “Someone should tell the council

  1. I have raised complaints about Mr Payne, unfortunately he has now gone before the investigation is completed which is currently at Stage 3. Just because someone has been employed for a long time does not mean they were of benefit to the employer or the public. Dig deeper and find the truth!

    • Thanks for the information.

      What does ‘stage 3’ mean? Is there some guidance on the topic you could point me in the direction of please?

      • The council has a complaints policy/procedure, there are three stages, however they don’t always follow the procedure! Go to SHBC website and search you should find it unless they removed it! Stage three currently means it is now with the CEO as it couldn’t be resolved at the previous stages. Although if you read the procedure this shouldn’t be stage 3. 1. Complaint made and registered, parties investigated, not resolved goes to stage 2 which is the monitoring officer, usually head of legal, then on to CEO if still not resolved. However it should be investigated, a draft report for all parties, if not resolved then an appeal to the CEO, somebody moved the goal posts for me! All very confusing.

      • There are more than questions to answer! I have battled with this council for over 19 years, made many complaints with significant evidence and yet I am ignored, denied, threatened, disrespected, falsely accused and deemed vexatious to cover up what has taken place. If you want to know more visit my FB page Save Hookmeadow.

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