10 thoughts on “There’s a right way….

  1. The fact it happens so often now must mean there is a problem with the signs (or indeed the entire design). Do you think the council might consider looking into it…

    • But the council’s aim is to ‘preserve the Victorian and Edwardian character of the High Street’. (I’m appalled by the appearance of that block of flats. It probably won’t look quite so bad when the windows are installed, but the bulk of the building is horrendous.)

      • Surely you realise that when a council says they will ‘preserve the character’ of something, what they really mean is let the area get abandonware and then demophilism it anyway

      • I’d put it a little differently. I think the policy is usually genuine, but that its management isn’t up to the task. There’s either no result or a poor result.

    • It still saddens me that the two oldest pubs; the Staff and the Cambridge are no more. The oldest house in Frimley, Middle Gingers, was granted permission to completely alter its’ appearance, and the oldest tree on Frimley’s Grove area (we learnt about it in primary school) was chopped down because it blocked a sign.

      The council really don’t care about the area.

  2. The High St is another monster lost opportunity by our beloved council. Should have been fully pedestrianised. In their recent questionnaire they ask “What else can be done to attract people to the town”…I have suggested bring back the stocks so we can bring the incompetents at Knoll Rd to book.

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