Did the Eye jinx the barrier?

Matt has sent us this photo of one of the barriers at the entrance to the High Street. It’s only few days since the barriers featured – undamaged – in the Eye, but now, as you can see, one has now been dealt a pretty severe blow. We guess that either it was hit by a speeding car, or a goods vehicle backed into it. (But why a goods vehicle would be backing there, we can’t imagine.)

7 thoughts on “Did the Eye jinx the barrier?

  1. In the middle of the night, very early morning ….. some HGVs go the wrong way down the High St to make deliveries. Especially when the Barrier is closed …. and they, the HGVs, have to turn around somewhere!

    • Who ever did it I am sure it will be us, local tax payers who fund the repair….

      Also good to see that Open Reach (BT) filled the space around their box just outside Wetherspoons with concrete rather than replacing the paving they destroyed by drilling holes in it to remove…

      You could not make it up if you tried….

  2. …if only the swinging barrier were secured by a flimsy plastic bag rather than that unforgiving chain, it might have avoided any damage!?! 😊

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