Off with the roof…

The good news is that serious demolition work started on the derelict Bensons for Beds building in the High Street a little while ago. The bad news is that it seems to have stopped now that the roof and top floor have been removed.

We’re a bit puzzled by the logic of redevelopers. You’ll have noticed that the former Cambridge Hotel is now just a facade; the rest of the building has gone. But nothing further has happened on the site for weeks. So, why spend money on demolition, then stop? We can see why a building might be made uninhabitable to prevent squatters. Is that the reason? Or is it mainly that demolition is carried out when a demolition company is available, and construction then has to wait until a contractor is available to carry out the building work?

6 thoughts on “Off with the roof…

  1. In regards to the Cambridge hotel, does retaining 5 original bricks constitute maintaining the original style and features of the structure?

    Whoever signed these plans off should be very embarrassed and be asked to explain themselves.

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