Does the council ever look back?

It’s getting on for mid-way in the council’s year. So we thought we’d look at the Annual Plan for 2021 and see how the council is doing as far as its town centre aims are concerned.

One objective caught our attention. Quote: “As the country comes out of lockdown develop a communications campaign that strongly promotes the ‘Unique Selling Points’ of Camberley Town Centre” The target date for completion was the end of May.

We’re not aware of any such campaign – but, we imagine, it wouldn’t be aimed at the Eye. (Who would it be aimed at?) We trust though, that it’s more robust than the council’s Vision produced back in 2014? Remember this two-part video, the beginning of which, quite remarkably, highlights the strengths of neighbouring towns?

The proposal that Camberley should become a Top 100 Town was never credible. When the council failed to explain how the town’s position within the Top 100 would be measured or monitored – and, of course, it never provided any progress report – the proposal became an embarrassment that was quietly dropped.

The frustrating thing is that the council’s deeds don’t match its words. The council claims that the town’s military heritage is a key part of our identity. So why wasn’t this reflected in any way in the makeover of the High Street and Knoll Walk? Plaques, sculpture, street furniture could all have been chosen appropriately. A long-lasting opportunity to promote our “Unique Selling Points” was lost.

2 thoughts on “Does the council ever look back?

  1. So true. I can remember emphasising these points during the consultation period before the recent improvements. I still could not tell you want type of place Camberley is trying to be, either in reflecting its past or defining it’s future.

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