Main Square Parking – a stitch in time…

We HOPE that the council is stitching Main Square car park in time. As we showed recently, rusty marks on the beams supporting the top floor imply that rain water has been penetrating the structure for a while. Not good!

We’re guessing that today’s closure of the car park top floor is to cure the problem. We’re not convinced that the quality of the re-surfacing perhaps a couple of years ago was satisfactory – some leaks appeared as soon as it had been ‘completed’.

(There’s no need to point out the mis-spelling. We’ve noticed it already.)

6 thoughts on “Main Square Parking – a stitch in time…

  1. It just goes to show that people these days have no pride in their work and do not read through any script for which they are responsible before it is sent out, as shown by articles in the newspapers and official letters sent out by numerous offices. Perhaps they do not care or perhaps it shows that education is not all it should be in the schools today.

    • I don’t entirely agree. Yes, I feel the same, but what we should expect from providers of a car park is a good car park – clean, convenient and so forth. Whether their spelling and grammar are up to Oxford standards doesn’t really matter. And if English isn’t their first language,… well, they have my sympathy!

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