Oh dear…

We took today’s two photos some days ago, but we hadn’t any plans to publish them. However, recently there’s been some discussion about the state of the pavement in the High Street and Princess Way, so we’re showing our pictures. The recently ‘regenerated’ streets aren’t much of an improvement on their predecessors. Certainly not ‘£5 million-worth’.

Who do we blame – the council or the residents? Probably mainly the latter. Yes, the council is responsible for the choice of pale blocks; tarmac would be more forgiving. It also obviously doesn’t clean the pavements frequently enough – albeit at our expense. But it’s the great British public, or part of it, that causes the mess in the first place.

4 thoughts on “Oh dear…

  1. By coincidence – on our way to the bank etc after our Thursday meeting, on seeing the same. Peter and I spoke of the inconsiderate chewing gum users who think its OK to spit the contents of their pleasure onto our pavements also the amount of litter from ‘fast food’ users. It’s a criminal offence to do so in Singapore! but I don’t know if they have sufficient police to be observing the miscreants – we certainly wouldn’t.

  2. Is it possible that all the black ‘spots’ are not discarded chewing gum but something else? Could ‘that much’ chewing gum have been wilfully discarded in such a short (relatively) space of time?

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