Today’s photo is slightly inspiring but mainly depressing.

For some years the roof over the shop that is currently occupied by Jack Wills has leaked in heavy rain. It should have been fixed – but that might not be as simple as it sounds. It can be quite difficult to trace the source of a leak…

Anyway, the mainly depressing bit is that the Square (or is it Jack Wills itself?) seems to have decided that it’s not practical/economically-justified to cure the leak. If you look very closely at our photo (and you have to look closely, unfortunately), you’ll see water butts on either side of the pillar next to the Jack Wills entrance. They’re fed by black down-pipes from the plastic guttering that has been fixed beneath the beige facade above. You can probably just about make out the brackets supporting the guttering That’s awful.

But, the slightly inspiring bit is that it’s good to see ingenuity at work, rather than just living with the leak.

5 thoughts on “Butt

  1. Another Business has closed in Camberley due to lack of trade The Cambridge Club based on the Workings Men Club it never seemed to take off

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