Green shrubbery it isn’t!

Paul has sent us this photo. It shows the new screening to ‘disguise’ the electrical transformers on the edge of the London Road Recreation Ground, next to Southwell Park Road.

Paul doesn’t express any opinion, but we guess that he isn’t very impressed. A stretch of shrubbery was removed to install the transformers – we thought that new greenery would be planted once the work was done. Obviously not!

4 thoughts on “Green shrubbery it isn’t!

  1. At least the transformers are hidden, a new hedge would take a couple of years at least to reach this height. I wonder if there is enough space anyway between fence and transformer to plant anything.

    • You’re probably right that the space is limited. But the transformers – which have been there for a couple of years or more – didn’t need to be placed so close to the boundary, so it’s rather a self-inflicted ‘injury’.

  2. At least the screening will not last very long, (a couple of years?). It will eventually disintegrate and rot away. But, what an eyesore we have to put u[ with until then.

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