Going down in Park Street

One day, ‘someone’ is going to have to do something about the sinking feeling that’s experienced more and more often in Park Street.

Soon after we took our first photo, above, the dip in the paving was ‘repaired’. So we took our second photo. We assume that the repair is temporary, so we’ll not criticise it for being a ‘bodge’. But if it remains for too long, we will!

4 thoughts on “Going down in Park Street

  1. That looks like a base/sub base issue. It’ll be costly if the whole road needs re-laying. I hope the council and its legal team got the spec. right and it’s the contractor’s cost with an insurance backed guarantee (in case any supplier/contractor goes bust).

  2. I’ve a patch of close-laid ‘industrial weight’ paving slabs, one of which has been lifted a bit by a tree root. Getting it up completely to attack the root is a nightmare – there’s no clearance between it and its neighbours to insert any sort of lever.

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