Why does this happen?

Paul sent us these two photos yesterday.

Apparently the red car mounted the pavement on both sides of the road in order to turn round.

Now, the Eye and others have reported seeing cars going the wrong way in the High Street SINCE its makeover. But not before. What’s the difference?

6 thoughts on “Why does this happen?

  1. There are some shocking comments on Facebook from some who witnessed this.
    There is a simple solution which needs to be made by “ simple people” …but still they refuse.

  2. But it was designed by idiots. (I feel justified in saying that as I predicted a couple of years ago in the Eye that the new scheme would create problems – albeit, drivers going the wrong way wasn’t one of them.)

    • I recommend walking very, very slowly across the road where the crossing used to be, or possibly stopping in the middle to check your phone. Since there is no delimination between the road and the pavement, there is nothing to indicate that cars have priority so they can jolly well wait. Drivers hate it…

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