7 thoughts on “Life and death in Princess Way?

  1. Looks to me that there’s a water shortage and hosepipe ban In Camberley that I’ve not heard about! 😳

  2. With all the millions SHBC have spent and spending why not outsource the planting and maintenance to a professional company

  3. The grass is Stipa tenuissima and it is only just growing new leaves, the previous years leaves are the pale brown bits. It could be that the plants did not all survive the winter but it was a bad year for lots of plants, not just newly planted ones.

    • Thanks, Bernard. I’m sure you’re right – though there are one or two ‘definitely dead’ non-grass (I’m not a gardener!) Items in the picture. It’s a pity that the effect is unattractive The alliums (I’ve taken advice…) further down the bed are so much more appealing to look at.

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