Asbestos on the way out

NatWest customers who’ve discovered the hard way that the bank in Park Street is closed temporarily might be a little mollified to learn that asbestos really is being removed from the building. Here’s the evidence – at the service area behind the bank. We assume that the open door and open windows are all part of a controlled process.

11 thoughts on “Asbestos on the way out

  1. Meanwhile, I’m relieved that, before its closure I was able to glean from staff that cheques can be paid in to the bank via the post office in Smiths, which curiously has never had queues and grumpy staff like the original stand-alone branch. Anyone turning up in Park Street will merely find one sign sending them to Farnborough!!

  2. I wonder how many companies today are really customer-orientated, like ‘Lakeland’ (formerly, in days long gone by, ‘Lakeland Plastics’) is? They are a superb company to deal with and have been so for the last forty years that I have been dealing with them. Oh, that all companies were like them, the world would be a much better place.

  3. In fairness to the staff, who have been exceptional throughout the lockdowns, they will have left the premises before the hoardings went up so cannot be blamed for lack of communication. In fact they went out of their way to alert me to the closure as I was using the inside machines to bank cheques. They provided me with a paying-in book and envelopes and explained that the Post Office would take them, which they have been with a smile and no queue. The NW staff also assured me they would be back when the work was done. As for NatWest corporate, I totally agree – their communication has been zero and if you go online you’d find the site says the branch is open!!

      • Well, you learn something everyday, though I do need the exercise! I’ve found that section on my app. (And in fairness it is marked ‘new’ and I will use it ’ Thanks

  4. I don’t think the first and second floors have been used in years (the windows on the front have the same few open on Google Maps Streetview (2008) as they do now!), maybe somebody is planning to move into them?

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