The new paving is already a mess

Peter has sent us a few photos of the new paving in the High Street/Princess Way. He pointed out the amount of ‘grime’ primarily caused by greasy food and sticky drink.

A couple of days after we received the photos we went to see whether the paving had been cleaned. In bright sunlight the grime didn’t look quite so bad as in Peter’s photos; but it still looked pretty awful.

Maybe the previous red block paving didn’t show the spillages as much as the new, light-coloured, blocks do?

21 thoughts on “The new paving is already a mess

  1. This was my fear from the start, though I was thinking more of chewing gum, than junk food. This surface will need specialized cleaning almost on a daily basis. When we come to vote on Thursday, whom do we think wants to have real pride in our town and will do something about it?

  2. Yes agree with Peter’s photos, went into Camberley last week for the first time in ages and was totally shocked at the relatively new filthy paving. It looks awful. There was also a constant flow of cars ,mainly the large type! , going through the High Street .I parked in Main Square as had a long list of essentials to buy and only paid £1.80 for 2 hours . Will be interesting if anyone comes up with ideas by May 6 th.

  3. The “only able to eat outside” rule exacerbated the problem. People were enjoying the experience so much – pity they couldn’t have been more careful.

  4. Also around 3 weeks ago outside Barclays Bank the curb blends so well into the road I took a fall which apparently I was the third person seen that week, I’m a 51 year old woman and have not long got over a broken ankle and due to this fall I have severe pain in my knee from the fall and now need to see a doctor because it’s extremely painful to walk, I smashed both knees and elbow and although 1 knee is fine just bruised the other knee is not doing so well… my main concern here is someone older and less steady could be seriously hurt, there was no thought put into this paving and it will remain a trip hazard until it’s sorted out

    • There are quite a few places where the unwary, or distracted, or poor-sighted can stumble, Tracy. The pavement was being ‘excavated’ outside the optician’s next to Barclays a few days ago – I couldn’t worth out why, but that’s a stumbling place. Was that where you had your fall? (I hope you get over it completely soon).

  5. Where is the accountability at SHBC??
    ? Someone must have quality control responsibility??. A few years back the Tory Cabal promised Top100 Town status..the Conservatives have done absolutely nothing of note to improve the town in a decade. Camberley is pretty much the last choice for local shopping.

  6. SHBC seems to have problems planning and managing these large vanity projects.
    After spending vast sums on refurbishing The Square and The High Street we have ended up with parts of The Square looking unfinished, we have mismatched and already shabby looking paving in The High Street and Grace Reynolds Walk, pedestrian safety is compromised in The High Street and all finished off with large orange cones scattered about. Lovely.

    • Thanks, Norman. I suppose I ought to modify what you’ve written a little. The council hasn’t been criticised for spending ‘vast sums’ on refurbishing The Square. The concern has been that it spent too much in acquiring The Square and related property. They’re now worth of the order of £40 million less than the council paid. (Which, of course, could be said to be academic unless the properties are put on the market. On the other hand, it’s £40 million that isn’t available to spend on other things.) Secondly, the direct cost to the council of revamping the High Street is – officially – £0.9 million. The rest was contributed by other sources. But the rest of what you’ve written is pretty much spot on. (Parts of The Square ARE unfinished!)

      • I understand that the other sources include grants from the Enterprise M3 Local Growth Fund which itself is funded largely from the public purse and so I feel that as taxpayers we should be concerned about the total cost ignoring the smoke and mirrors.

  7. There is more vibrancy ,imagination and colour created on the mural by Boots than the money squandered on the so called Camberley re development, I hope the elections strengthen the general feeling with many that Incompotence is World Class within the Council

    • Maybe you’re comparing apples and oranges? But if you’re saying the re-development doesn’t seem to be a great improvement, and in some ways is worse than the old, then many people would agree with you. (And everyone – including me – seems to like the mural!)

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