A new salon in the High Street

About three weeks ago we reported that ‘Platinum Care’ seemed to have left its premises in the High Street. A bit later we learned that the shop was being fitted out as a hairdresser/salon. And now the salon is open. Let’s hope it succeeds.

4 thoughts on “A new salon in the High Street

  1. We used to be ok with just 3 salons in the town. We now must have 10 or so. Its all very well having more local businesses but there is still the same number of people needing a hair cut so anyone giving business to a new salon is taking busineess away from another salon. Would we be excited about another estate agent, another charity shop, or another burger joint ?

  2. True – but some people have been lucky enough to save during the lockdown and now want to be expensively pampered – not just to have a ‘hair cut’. So perhaps demand for salons has increased? (If not, one or two will find it hard to survive, I suspect.) But retailing is a two-way process of supply and demand. If the demand is here, the new estate agent, charity shop or whatever will survive. If it isn’t, they, or an ‘inferior’ competitor, will go out of business. Market forces dictate what happens in the high street. (Parking and facilities are important too!)

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