Bella Italia out, Gourmet 4 in

If you look closely at our photo of the former Bella Italia restaurant in the Atrium, you can see job vacancies posted on the inside of the windows.

The premises have a new tenant called ‘Gourmet 4’.

Image from Gourmet 4 website

According to a rather difficult to read website, “Gourmet 4 transforms outdated restaurants into vibrant marketplaces, where multiple brands offer a variety of different cuisines. In these spaces, Quality Choice and Speed are paramount….The multi-brand food offer provides a dine-in, food hall experience in addition to providing a take out option…We selectively choose food brands by a vetting and quality check process which we use to make sure that the quality and taste reflects what Gourmet 4 stands for. “

4 thoughts on “Bella Italia out, Gourmet 4 in

    • But there’s always a dilemma as a new retailer. Do you do what everyone else does – there’s a guaranteed demand for it, or do you do something different and hope that the demand is there? Convenience stores do the former, and they survive by being open at all hours. They compete on service rather than product.

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