12 thoughts on “NatWest – you can’t bank on it…

  1. I use it, as it’s my bank, but only to pay in cheques, which they tell me I can do at the Post Office. There is asbestos somewhere, I was told, and it will be closed for about six weeks.

    • Some banks – eg the Halifax – enable you to pay in cheques on line. Seems a bit unlikely, but it’s easy to do. And, re asbestos, you may remember that, years ago, there was a major operation to clear it out of the HoF, so quite possibly there’s some in the NatWest – which used to have an entrance in the HoF – too.

  2. When I hold a Macmillan coffee morning NatWest is where I have to pay in a pile of cash; very helpful they are too

  3. My gardener and window cleaner like cash and, if I’m buying something for less than £5, I often pay cash for that too.

  4. Afraid that I couldn’t do without cash – I use it regularly. I’ve paid in cheques on line but if they have been folded sometimes its impossible to photograph. ! Also its very frustrating if cheques I’ve given aren’t presented fairly soon after being received I find it difficult to monitor my bank balance as now paperless. My church now doesn’t like cash or cheques and wants only direct debits which I’ve refused to do. Expect I’m one of the dinosaurs!

      • You obviously don’t have a window cleaner or a girl who washes your hair prior to the expensIve bit, or, should they ever reopen, do you go to local football, market stalls, car boot fairs, meet buskers or other street entertainers, or even go to restaurants (never add the tip to the bill – particularly if the waiter.waitress/waitperson! is very good).

      • Come on. Window cleaner is paid by bank transfer, I don’t have a girl who washes my hair, and most of the rest hasn’t been possible for months and months. And don’t take me TOO literally; I do have one or two of those five pound notes – the big ones that you have to fold to put in your wallet. I can flash those about as a restaurant tip…

      • Just send it to me via the ‘eye’ and I’ll deal with it in a most appropriate manner.

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