Signs close to parking bays are vulnerable

It must have been so easy for a car backing into this parking bay to collide with the adjacent sign post. The damage was caused almost as soon as the High Street re-opened.

But what’s the solution? Relying on technology to warn the driver? Moving the sign so that it’s against the building? ‘Rubber’ posts that bounce back after they’ve been struck? Just putting up with occasional damage? There’s no easy answer. (There’s no point in blaming the driver; even the Eye can make mistakes.)

12 thoughts on “Signs close to parking bays are vulnerable

  1. To me, wherever the signs have been located, their messages seem very confusing. Exactly who is allowed to park, for what reason and for how long ? The layout and design of the High Street gives the feeling of it being pedestrian favoured, with vehicles discouraged. More serious than a wonky post, I fear human injury.

    • Making a shopping street more pedestrian friendly is a good thing, of course there are negatives and pedestrians will get hurt from human mistakes….even shopping roads with 5ft high fences to try and stop people crossing still see injuries.

      Whilst it was delivered late what has been delivered is modelled on successful schemes elsewhere.

      • You’re right. ‘Fences’ to separate people and traffic actually increase the number of accidents. My views, though, are based on years of watching how local people behave in the High Street, rather than on models from elsewhere. They both need to be considered.

  2. In London they place the signs on rails, buildings and on posts. You would have thought most could have been placed in other ways to improve the path for pedestrians and not have the potential damage to posts.
    I have also noticed that cars and vans are parked all day in the supposed temporary parking spaces. Why are the bay restrictions not being enforced?

  3. Pedestrianise……let’s also think of our lungs and little ones in pushchairs closer to exhaust levels and those huge tyres!

      • No comment! ….but blow it….they can afford a few quid to park in a car park or walk in or get the if you are old like me! Blue badge holders of course need to be catered for…….otherwise pedestrianise….

  4. If it had been a person, and not that sign, that the car had hit the driver would have been blamed. (Rightly or wrongly)

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