The London Road Block…

All forecasts for the redevelopment of the London Road Block should be written in pencil. (You’ll remember, the LRB is the area between Park Street and the High Street, and the London Road and Obelisk Way.)

The latest – how long will it last? – target is that “a [draft] refreshed strategy for the Town Centre to encompass the London Road Block development … [will be produced by] October 2021” This target is set out in the draft Annual Plan that the council Executive considered a little while ago.

Of course, we appreciate that an unpredictable pandemic has knocked things off course. And we guess that a predictable, albeit accelerated, shift to on-line shopping has upset proposals for a new shopping facility. (One day we might ask how much the council spent on irrelevant studies into the need for more retail space.) But after more than two decades of watching nothing happening, we get a little weary. The council has waited so long without taking action that all its previous plans have become obsolete. And how many years of effort have gone down the pan?

In spite of which, a happy Easter to all our readers!

4 thoughts on “The London Road Block…

  1. Please don’t be too hard on the council. If it had remained a single party council for all this time then they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

    Happy Easter Mr Eye. Great to have you back.

  2. We have an opportunity on May 6th to express our feelings in the best way possible,,,,

    Happy Easter to you too David, trust you are much improved and soon back to “match fitness”

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