Eat, drink and dance in the High Street

Today’s photograph, taken just before the shutdown, shows the boarded-up shop that was formerly called Stacks. Or, to be more accurate, the photograph shows the facade of the former Stacks- everything behind the facade has been changed completely.

After years of slow progress, a planning application has now been submitted for the building. It proposes: Indoor live and recorded music, indoor dancing, indoor and outdoor provision of late night refreshment and sale of alcohol on and off the premises.

The application is in the name of ‘Troy Mediterranean’. We’ve Googled, but pretty much all we can find refers to US Greek restaurants of that name. As the applicant has what appears to be a Turkish surname, we just scratch our head and wonder.

5 thoughts on “Eat, drink and dance in the High Street

  1. Opposite TRU surely a recipe for disaster when alcohol is involved late at night, bet the residents are relishing the idea

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