It’s Goo Night from us – but not for too long

If all goes well, the Eye and his prostate will part company in hospital today. (Prostate cancer – a downside of being a man!)

Things being what they are, we’re not going to be dashing around the town centre for a while. But, with a bit of luck, and provided that the lockdown doesn’t last for ever, we’ll be back with thrilling pictures of bollards and scaffolding – and anything else that takes our fancy – before too long.

In the meantime, do stay healthy.

55 thoughts on “It’s Goo Night from us – but not for too long

  1. Hope all goes well and you’re back soon, you must be so proud of the joy your blog brings to so many – it’s a wonderful escape from the current events 🙂

    • What can I say, Rob? I know the Camberley Eye doesn’t always bring joy to all in Knoll Road, but I try to stick to the facts. I’ll do my best to be “back soon” – many thanks.

    • Many thanks, Penny. I’m reminded of the old (apocryphal?) pilot’s saying that any landing from which you walk away is a good one. I’ve walked away (well, staggered, actually) from the op, so it must’ve been a good one too!

  2. Best wishes for your operation today and for a full and speedy recovery to follow. I look forward to “normal service” resuming ASAP. Good luck!

  3. Good luck with the op and I hope you have a speedy recovery. We need you keeping an eye on what is happening in the local environs.

    • Many thank for your good wishes. It’s funny how things work out. When I started this blog I had no particular plans. It just seemed a good idea to report on minor matters (I nearly wrote ‘trivia’) around the town. I was told that I’d run out of things to write about within a few weeks. That was about ten years ago… The op has been the first break in my daily posts – apart from on Christmas Day – since I started. It’s become a bit of a habit!

    • You must admit, Shirley, that my timing has been impeccable. Lockdown and lousy weather mean that I wouldn’t be wandering around the town anyway. So the fact that I can’t walk very far or fast at the moment isn’t much of a problem. But I’ll take your ‘advice’ and work on a speedy recovery.

  4. Best wishes for a successful Op and a speedy recovery David, mornings wont be the same without your posts, so come back soon – you’ll be missed.

  5. Hope all goes well, maybe Camberley will be a World beating town on your return and something about Pigs and flying comes to mind

  6. Best of luck with the op, I expect you will still be avoiding the same pot holes whenever you get back on your bike.

    • ‘Back on the beat’? Those were the days when policemen were a common sight in the town. Ken can tell us all about them. But I’ll do my best in my little Panda car (AKA on foot/on bike). Thanks, Denise, for your comments.

  7. Hope it goes well Sir – I had Radio Therapy back in 2012, but sadly in this last 2 years its reared its ugly head again – cancer in 2 cores after a Template Biopsy – now on ‘Watch & wait’ – a straight Prosectomy no longer an option after RT unfortunately, so maybe a HIFU !

    • I’m very sorry to read that, Speedicus. Each form of therapy has pros and cons, of course, and, as there’s no ‘right answer’, it’s a gamble whichever you chose. I opted for radical removal more on the basis of a gut ‘get rid of the thing’ emotion than any carefully considered analysis, otherwise I might have opted for RT too. Only time – and histology – will tell whether my gut betrayed me. (Perhaps I’ll start a discussion group to compare catheters and leg-bags….)

    • Many thanks, Ken. Yes, I’ll have to get back to reading council ‘stuff’ soonest. Trust all is well with you – I imagine things haven’t been easy for you. We must meet up as soon as friend Covid allows…

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