Non-compliance with the planning application?

If you consult the county council’s website, you’ll find: “You must not allow water from gutters or down pipes to discharge onto the surface of the highway, either directly or by leakage – closed grids can be used within footways in these circumstances. Gutters and down pipes must be regularly checked and kept in good repair.”

Clearly, Parkgate House – at the top of Park Street – doesn’t meet this requirement. And it hasn’t since it was converted into flats (and it probably didn’t do so before then either). The rainwater downpipe discharges into a gulley that is permanently blocked.

The original planning application for the conversion included the following statement: “It is therefore proposed to ensure the current plot as it stands sufficiently copes with surface water discharge from the site when analysed to the current British Standards.” It might have been ‘proposed’ – but it was never achieved. If anyone from the council walks along the A30 just a little way from the council offices, they’ll see this for themselves. The highway might be the responsibility of the county council; compliance with a planning application is a more-local matter.

4 thoughts on “Non-compliance with the planning application?

  1. As many of us know ‘Compliance’ matters have never been a priority at SHBC. Building Control and Planning Condition Enforcement functions at Surrey Heath may be one of the ‘reasons’ for the existence of the Council ….. but!!

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