More plans that went nowhere?

We have to apologise for the quality of today’s photo. But our excuse is that it isn’t one of ours! In fact, it’s one that we showed in March 2018 – the red line defines the buildings that would disappear according to a planning application at the time.

In brief, the proposal was to build sixty one one/two bedroom sheltered apartments for older people in a five/six storeys high building. Access to the site would have been via Southwell Park Road – the current access from Park Street would be closed.

From memory, that application was approved. But we’ve just learned that an estate agent opened last autumn in the low building in the middle of the stretch of buildings. No doubt they’re in a good position to have done their homework, and they’ve determined that there’s not going any demolition for a while at least.

(We probably would have noticed sooner, only we don’t get out so much nowadays!)

1 thought on “More plans that went nowhere?

  1. From memory the planning committe refused the application saying it was too high and overlooking the fact that the retirement block over the road by the station was substantially higher

    Perhaps the applicant Appealed? More costs and delays

    Were the existing building that worthy of retention??

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