25 thoughts on “Mystery objects

  1. Why do councils always have to use such boring plants in their flower beds? Do they just choose ‘the cheapest at the time’? Why can’t they use flowering shrubs, which give lovely colour and look different at different times of the year? Do they take more maintenance?

      • During pervious years the flower beds along this stretch of walk-way were always planted with flowering bedding-plants, looked lovely and did not seem to suffer any vandalism and maintenance issues. Why change the habits of a life-time, especially if they worked? Yes, ‘all greens’ works if used imaginatively but no imagination seems to have been used here.

    • I think it is just that they put this out to contractors who will do the job for the cheapest option. Councils like to profess that they are environmentally aware but our council seems to lack any expertise, within planning, on how to improve the urban environment for wildlife.
      Everybody who reads the Camberley Eye will have seen the berry covered hedge on the corner of Upper Park Road and West Road, this is something that could be incorporated into Knoll Walk, an alternative would be Cotoneaster which is a magnet for bees while in flower.
      While I like grasses, I agree that Stipa tenuissima is a really boring choice for this site.

    • I suspect that the earlier reply to your comment has hit the nail on the head. Low maintenance – and, sadly, vandalism – will be the main factors. Lack of imagination, I’m not so sure. The flower beds in Knoll Walk used to be a pleasure to look at.

  2. I thought they might be for unusual uplighting. Wonder how long modern sculptures will last.
    it looks as though there are shrubs among the grasses

    • Uplighting would be nice, Fiona. But unlikely, I suspect. I’m not a gardener (understatement…) but it will be interesting to see what thrives in those beds. I’d like lots of colour, not just green.

  3. Good afternoon,

    These are the ‘planting frames’ for the scheme’s public art to be installed at a later date. The frames needed to be implemented prior to the soil and vegetation so they are in place and waiting for the castings to be added.

    The art scheme is called ‘Streets of Gold’ and brings elements of Camberley’s heritage and history to life in a series of bronze plaques embedded into the walls, pavements and planters across the High Street and Knoll Walk.

    Hope this helps to clarify.

    Best wishes
    Sarah, SHBC

    • Ah, many thanks, Sarah. I’m sorry that your comment is pretty much the last that I’m reading. It makes most of my previous replies a bit off-target. Though I do wonder why there – apparently – hasn’t been any public consultation (even an informal one) about the public art. Some councils manage to consult about the naming of road gritters, which I’d put at somewhat lower priority than art which many people will see every day. Don’t get me wrong; I think emphasising our heritage and history is a good thing!

  4. The plants are more interesting than was obvious from the photo. Viburnum bodnantense has blooms now and there will be perovskia (blue flowers on grey stems) and I think hebe, sedum and geraniums which will all spread with various leaf and flower forms. The white-trunked birch are stunning.

  5. Given the sheer number of CCTV cameras throughout the town centre, you would have to be a compete idiot to commit vandalism in the town centre…

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