No relief in sight

Surrey Heath Rotary have said that a suitable project for it could be overhauling the pavillion in the London Road Recreation Ground. We agree. In particular, part of the revamp could/should be upgrading the toilets. When we tested the door of the ‘Gents’ recently, it seemed to be well and truly locked. How can families enjoy a long summer afternoon in the park if there’s no loo?

Sadly, perhaps the biggest challenge would be keeping vandals at bay. We have no easy answer to that – but we’ve never understood vandalism. We’ve not been immune to being a bit ‘mischevious’ ourselves in the past, but wanton destruction is something else.

4 thoughts on “No relief in sight

  1. Bring back the local Bobby who would clip you round the ear and tell your Dad! And Dad’s who would remove their belt rather than sue the police for mistreating little Johnny!

    • I’m guessing that public toilets are currently closed due to the pandemic, with cleaning issues etc. There was a similar conversation on LBC this morning.

  2. As the Eye is not out and about, spotted a Surrey Council worker taken photos of the so called collapsed fencing at the old Benson for beds shop, maybe a claim has gone in !

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