Frimley Park Hospital to merge…

You may remember that the Eye is ‘staying at home’ during the lockdown. So we’re digging through the records of our involvement with the local civic society. Here’s a copy of the local newspaper (which used to be widely read) in August 2007

The proposed merger was between Frimley Park, St Peter’s (Chertsey), Ashford Hospital and the Royal Surrey (Guildford). Of course, it never happened. That’s the fate of most plans, we suspect.

(Whenever we see diagrams of the way the NHS is organised, we have an overwhelming feeling that it’s all too complicated. However, we were one of those who received their jab at the Lakeside Club yesterday. And we thought that the whole operation was brilliant. Everything ran like clockwork. So maybe we’ll back off a bit from our overwhelming feeling.)

7 thoughts on “Frimley Park Hospital to merge…

  1. I had my vaccine jab at Lakeside on Friday. Like you I thought the whole system there was brilliant . From arriving in the car park to leaving you are guided through the process by NHS staff and helpers all with smiles on their faces and even the odd funny comment! Well done to all at Lakeside!

  2. I also had my vaccination at Lakeside yesterday, from door to door it only took 20 minutes. Excellent organisation from a very friendly team.

    I have been suffering some reaction this morning, headache, aches and pains etc but hopefully everything will be fine by tomorrow.

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